Friday, September 10, 2010

1/100 Legend Gundam Part 3

Hand painting is the way to go

Starting the first phase of painting on my 1/100 Legend Gundam.

While I prefer Gundam Markers for their convenience, such benefit is clearly not seen on this kit. Hand painting is the better method instead.

Interior of the backpack and leg thrusters are painted in red using Mr. Color Red.
Awesome molding of the large backpack thruster is a nightmare if using Gundam Marker ^^;

Excess paint around the mouth of the thrusters is scratched away.
More layers of red paint will be needed for backpack thrusters.

Hydraulic pipes on the ankle parts are painted with Gundam Markers gold and silver.

Interior of the shoulder armors is painted with Gaia Color 074 Neutral Gray IV, the same color used on the display base of my MG F91.

The narrow opening and steep wall of the parts isn't friendly to Gundam Marker either.

Body of the beam rifle is painted with Mr. Color Light Gull Gray, a color I never heard of before this kit. ^^;

Some delicate painting to be applied to the large and small Dragoon parts.

Painted gray for the interior wall of the beam cannons, then red for the nozzles themselves.

After cleanup.

Just red for the beam cannons on the smaller Dragoons.

Only the ankles' hydraulic pipes are painted using Gundam Markers it seems.

Looking at the various parts now, I think if I was to work on this kit years ago when I don't have as many tools and paints I have today, I would surely go crazy. ^^; Some of the parts have either slits and corners too deep for any marker to reach, like the larger backpack thrusters, or are designed in hard to find colors like the body of the beam rifle. ^^;

I prepared myself for all the work beforehand, what color is needed for which parts, and whether I need to buy some new stuff for this purpose. It's sort-of a gamble sometimes, because you never know if you'll really be using it when the time comes, maybe you have another tool to improvise on the parts, or maybe you get what you think is useful, but turns out to be unsuitable unfortunately. In my case, I never heard of the color "Light Gull Gray" ever before this kit. I was looking for a suitable color for the rifle when I came across this color type. Bought it with much pondering but luckily the color was great. Very suitable for the rifle. Then again, I do have some experience of getting the wrong stuff in the past. ^^;

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Nk would u mind posting some tips on the gundam marker and stuff?