Thursday, September 23, 2010

MG Crossbone Full Cloth Part 17

Peacock Smasher

As mentioned in the previous posting, the work on MG Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth continues with its weapons. ^^;

All parts for the beam gun (buster gun) and sword (beam Zanber).

Very stylish weapons, absolutely fitting for the 'pirate' image of Crossbone Gundam. ^^
Buster gun even has a movable hammer. ^^

Definitely the same feel with these. ^^

A large solid beam blade part for the beam Zanber.

The overall length of the sword is the same as a beam saber.
But the sword definitely looks cooler to me. ^^

Some awesome action poses with the weapons await. ^^

Buster gun can combine with beam Zanber to form Zanbuster.

The two separate weapons with old pirate feel form a beam rifle that looks consistent with the same weapon found on other Gundams, complete with targeting sensor and supporting handle. ^^

Clear beam parts for the "brand marker" and a square canopy beam shield with its stands.
Just like the other weapons, the beam shield's design is very unconventional.

Parts of the almighty Peacock Smasher. ^^

Completed. In retracted mode.

With all beam barrels expanded.

Spectacular. ^^

Some details on the weapons.

While the weapons is understandably very heavy thanks to the many tiny parts that make up the beam barrels, the model can hold the Peacock Smasher very firmly. No kidding/Photoshop XD

In terms of design, the Peacock Smasher has got to be most unique one in the entire MG series, and the fact that the beam barrel can be expanded and retracted so smoothly is truly a great design of the model kit itself. Even better, the ability of the model to actually hold the weapon firmly. ^^ However, I do wish that a fixed type hand unit would be included in the first place so that the movable fingers won't be so stressful gripping the handle of all the hand held weapons in all poses, like the ones included with MG Destiny Gundam or Force Impulse Gundam for holding their anti-ship swords would be nice.


Justice1 said...

umm ngee, i think the peacock smasher is the sword one.... not the the gun

Ryuu said...

@Justice1 umm.. the peacock smasher is INDEED the gun/crossbow. The sword is called "Muramasa Bluster". ^_^"

Justice1 said...

oopss.. sorry... hahaha

JM Aldeguer said...

I used to think that the Peacock Smasher would be too bulky to wield properly, but I guess the only issue would be holding it while the Full Cloth is mounted.

And the swords do look cool. Actually, anything other than a transparent oversized pink toothpick looks good ^_^

Anonymous said...

You are literally the only person I have seen who was able to get it to hold the blaster without modification. I'm including myself, the hole on almost every other one is too big for the peg.