Thursday, May 19, 2011

Action Base 3 Black Part 1

Just a variation of the Action Base series? Or maybe not

Done with the review series on BB Senshi Sangokuden Choko Zaku III, moving on to an item that is still very much related to Gunplas, but perhaps plamo kits in general: Action Base 3 Black.

Unlike most other items reviewed on this blog, which are usually old and older stuff, ^^; this action base set is a very recent release actually - out in March this year to be exact (which may still seem like an old release to some XD)

At first glance, it seems to be just another variation of the Action Base series, particularly #2 since the model kits it's mainly intended for are in 1/144 scale. The stand does seems to be just a slightly modified version of that from #2, with of course a much larger base plus a few other gimmicks associated with the base.

Personally, I'm intrigued by the design of base. ^^ Not that it can hold postcards to show off different backdrops, but its size and the number of slots it contains. Without the postcard, there are an abundant of positions you can assign the stand to be mounted onto. However, even when the center of the base is being occupied by a postcard, there are a whole bunch of slots on the rim of the base to hold many stands in one go. The large size of the base is pretty good in providing stability for the models on display as well.

As it goes, just by judging on the base itself, this might be the most versatile design in the entire Action Base series, yet. ^^

And how about the stand it comes with then? Is it a mere copy of the one from Action Base 2? Or does it have its own advantages to match the goodness offered by the base? ^^

Having completed this base set at this stage and tried it out on various model kits that I have, I can tell you that the stand is equally amazing as the base's gimmicks. ^^ I'll try to bring out the features one by one through this review series. ^^

Being the best 1/144 scale Gunpla series in terms of details and gimmicks from Bandai at this point, Real Grade Gundam RX-78-2 is the most suitable model kit to show off this display base on the front of the package. ^^

Introduction of the gimmicks of this base set: adjustments possible with the joints and stand (left) and the ability to combine more than one base to form a much larger platform for more model kits to be displayed at the same time (right)

Gimmicks of the base: extension rods to elevate the base (left) and the total freedom to use whatever postcards or pictures for the base (right).

Various types of connectors included: mount rack for older kits and pin type for those with dedicated slot (left).
The entire joint of the stand can be detached and exchanged with the one from the MG Figurerise series to allow model kits from that series to be displayed using this base set. ^^

Package content

Design of the base. 8 slots on the rim plus another 9 in the middle of the base for you to choose from to hold the display stand.

Gaps on each side of the base to connect to other display bases.

Manufacturing info molded behind the base shows that it's designed in 2010, but only released this year. Not sure the exact reason for the delay there.

The only runner in this set: BA8-B.

Mount racks with different sizes included. The length of those pins seems more like those from Action Base 1 rather than 2.

Only one generic "Gunpla" postcard-sized backdrop is included for the base. The cool picture of Earth shown on the cover is not included - a caution there for those who are lured in by it. ^^;
A clear cover for the backdrop is also included, which is a very nice addition to protect the picture you use for the base.

Instructions on placing the backdrop onto the base and using the extension rods and expansion connectors are shown in the manual.

Putting in the backdrop and cover, which can be vaguely seen in the picture on the left.

Done. Seems pretty nice as a standing base as well. ^^

Size comparison with the base from #1.
Overall size is the same for the two.

The slot on the base can fit the display stand from Action Base 2 directly.

By using the stand from another display base, Action Base 3 is already done for roll-out! ^^

Tried out with HG 1/144 00 Gundam.

Apparently, the slots can fit the display stand from Action Base 1 directly as well.

Tried out using MG Aile Strike Gundam.
Very secure positioning for the model thanks to the base as mentioned earlier on, and the size looks just nice for a MG kit in my opinion. ^^

Maximizing on the number of models that can be displayed using the slots available on the edges of the base. ^^

The slots can fit the display stand from the MG Figurerise series as well.

Tried out using MG Figurerise Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker.
A great fit for the Kamen Rider model kit, in terms of the stand and the overall look of the finished display. The backdrop isn't that suitable though (technical nitpick there). ^^;

All well and nice with the base alone, without any part from the single runner included at all. ^^ Very cool stuff. ^^

Moving on to assembling the display stand for this base set in the next posting.

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Q said...

I think the base made prior appearance in the C3 HG 1/144 00 Gundam 7 Swords/G Inspection Type & 1.5 Gundam Dark Type, which had a red and blue base with them respectively. Both of them did appear in 2010 C3 Hobby, so that would make sense if manufacturing dates from last year :o

I haven't taken much notice of this action base until I see your review. It looks bigger than I've expected, and the way it's presented made me wonder how it can be displayed. The great versatility and compatibility with other action bases is a plus.