Saturday, May 28, 2011

MG Gundam Mk. II Ver. 2.0 Part 1

A new beginning

Starting on a new Master Grade project: Gundam Mk. II Ver. 2.0. ^^

Gundam Mk. II Ver. 2.0, particularly this white A.E.U.G.'s version is the first release in the long-running Master Grade Ver. 2.0 series. Many people assumed that it was Zaku II Type J, since all subsequent MG Ver. 2.0 releases, including that kit have been from the original Gundam series, but no. The Ver. 2.0 treatment started with this white guy, ^^ which came out corresponding to the first movie version of "Gundam Zeta" released in 2005. Not surprisingly, the second Ver. 2.0 release was Zeta Gundam, corresponding to the movie release as well.

It would seem to me now that this was just one of the many merchandises pushed forward by Bandai for the movie 6 years ago, but it did successfully gave rise to an almost entirely new sub-series in the Master Grade line, which I think is pretty awesome. ^^

Personally, A.E.U.G.'s Gundam Mk. II has two features that are very special to me. First, it's probably the very first Gundam I saw back when I was a kid, and that was just through a picture on a small poster. I remember that quite well because I still have that leftover item from my childhood. ^^ Maybe I will talk about it some days. ^^

Secondly, the very first Master Grade kit I bought is actually Ver. 1.0 of this Gundam. ^^ Back in those days when I didn't even know how to panel line my kits and the only aim was to finish the whole model as soon as possible, I remember building it all the way through the night, totally amazed by the complexity of the model and the large amount of parts it has. The fact that the manual was a booklet not a folded one-piece print made the kit seemed like an unbelievably awesome kit to me, and it was. ^^ It was a great build experience for me, with a price of course, and in this case literally. ^^; I didn't get to buy new kits for quite a while after MG Gundam Mk. II Ver. 1.0, since it was more expensive than the HGs I usually bought at that time. For an extended build experience in one day, I got an extended period of waiting for the money needed to get new kits. Not the best exchange of interest definitely. ^^;

The purchase decision for this Ver. 2.0 kit wasn't all about the nostalgic factor of course, although I must admit that was a great influence. ^^ I remember one of promotional points from Bandai about this kit is how close it resembles its Perfect Grade counterpart in terms of some of the details and articulation design. In fact, some of its features can be said to be more superior than the PG version, which sounded pretty bold to me. ^^ I have Perfect Grade Titans' Gundam Mk. II, which is the very first PG kit I bought. Despite some of its flaws, that is a very complex kit with tons of details. A downsized equivalence of it is something I would like to see very much. ^^ Acknowledging the good features shown, and the renewed proportion following the PG design, I had to get one to see for myself. ^^

Then again, with a huge display base included, there is at least one superior feature in comparison to the PG version already. ^^ But that's just one thing. ^^;

Introduction of the kit on the box sides.

More information about the kit, including a feature not mentioned in the manual is shown on the back of the container box.

Comparison made to Perfect Grade Strike Gundam in terms of the integration of armor parts on action frame.

Compatibility with G Defenser from MG Super Gundam.
Since I have that kit as well, this is definitely a feature I want to try out once I finished this model. ^^


Construction manual sets a new standard for many subsequent MG releases.

Runner A - Contains all the dark blue and red parts for the body, two mechanic figures and clear parts for the weapons.

Mechanic figures.

Runner B - Contains parts mainly for the leg armors and weapons.

Two pilot figures.

Runner C (x2) - Contains armor parts for the arm and leg.

A lot of details behind the armors. ^^

Runner D - Contain mecha blue parts mainly for the weapons and legs.

Runner E - Contains black parts for the weapons and backpack

Runner F - ABS runner that contains various joint parts for the entire kit.

(Left) Mold separation hint at one of the corners.
(Right) Inner frame parts for the body resemble the design used on the PG version quite a lot. ^^

Runner G - ABS runner that contains all inner frame parts for the legs.

Details on the legs resemble the design on the PG version as well. ^^

Runner H (left) - Contains parts for all the vents and V-Fin,
Runner I (right) - Contains parts for the skirt armors.

Runner J 1 (x2) - Red parts for the feet.
Runner J2 - Plated parts for the hydraulic pipes of the ankles.

Shiny plated treatment for the pipes is good. ^^
The breaking point at the bottom of the runner shows that it's made together with the red runner of J1.

Runner K - ABS runner that contains inner frame parts mainly for the arms.

Runner L - A large runner with parts for the display base.

Polycap set PC-130, mesh pipe for the knee joints, string for the mechanic figures and beam saber parts.

Foil sticker, clear sticker and decal.

All removed parts are organized and stored in individual paper containers.

Comparison of the box with that of Ver. 1.0

2005 vs 1998 ^^

And this is my old MG Ver. 1.0 of Gundam Mk. II. ^^
The panel lines and some paint were added on one year after I built it I think. ^^

Comparison with MG Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0.

The manual designs between the two kits is pretty much identical to each others. ^^

All 321 parts.

The connection with MG Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0 isn't just limited to the design of the box and manual. Their display bases are designed to be linkable to form a giant display platform. Also, as mentioned before, there's one dedicated joint part included with MG Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0 that will allow Gundam Mk. II to use its display base for off-the-ground action poses. Very cool. ^^

Will start working on the various parts soon. ^^


zplus said...

Wouldn't it be more worthwhile getting the HD colors version, since the standard Mk II 2.0 can't rotate its torso?

Dave said...

Looks like you have the early batch of the kit. Bandai added 2 extra parts to allow waist movement when the Titans version came out. Only the later batches of the AEUG version have those 2 parts.

hiroy_raind said...

It took me a while, but after taking a look at somebody cosplaying as Gundam Mk-II, I immediately fell in love with it's design. I love how it's balanced, having some mass but still looking flexible. And the fact that it doesn't use the usual "Gundam color", but also looking good at that! I loved both the AEUG color & the Titans color!!
MG Mk-II Titans Ver2.0 is still my first and only MG XD