Friday, May 27, 2011

The Mighty Goodie

But a mighty teaser first

It's been too long since I last used the "???" tag for any of my postings - the last one dated back to June 2009. ^^; So I'll just throw out one token posting that shall be tagged with the triple question marks. ^^

This is the super-ultimate-awesome stuff that I mentioned coming in last Wednesday. Click to reveal:

See? super-ultimate-awesome eh? ^^


Chris said...

Haruhi aside, that blurred picture... it looks like something creepy and disgusting like the Revoltech Alien you reviewed before. Flesh colour against a dark background gives that. ^^;

Gugu said...

Hmmmm the one eye of Tieren !?
maybe the eye of the zaku SD...

Rick James' Ghost said...

Mighty... maybe something relating to Thor?