Monday, May 2, 2011

HG 1/144 GN-X Part 4

Streamlined design

Returning to HG 1/144 GN-X after a month for its final assembly. ^^

As usual, I'm starting on the work with the weapons:

All parts for the beam rifle.

GN beam rifle.
The mount rack moves via a ball-type joint. The supporting handle is movable as well.

Add on the long barrel and additional sensor unit to get GN long barrel beam rifle.

The normal type is 5.5cm in length, with the long barrel, the overall length is increased till 13cm.

Two foil stickers for the targeting sensors. One on the body (a separate part it is) and one beneath the nozzle.

Just 3 parts for the shield.

The Defense Rod is non-movable for this High Grade version. This function is available on the Master Grade version.

The details behind the shield. Has an 'X' pattern in the middle as well. ^^

All weapons for GN-X. The beam saber parts would make all the Gundams in HG Gundam Double O Season One (except Gundam Nadleeh) envious of this kit no doubt I think. XD The design is no exactly the same though.

Parts for the right arm.

Major separable components.

Done for the right arm.

Pretty standard fair in terms of articulation.

Mounting the beam rifle onto the right forearm.

Parts for the left arm.

Different design for the white part between the fist and the spread palm.

Left arm completed.
Apart from the extra spread palm, everything is the same as the right arm.

The shield is mounted on the side of the forearm.

The design of the mount rack adheres to the shape of the forearm where it's attached to, allowing the shield to be positioned very closely to the arm, but no collision between the two at all.

Parts for the right leg.

Major separable components.
The distinction between the legs is (just) the ankle joint.

Right leg completed.

The armor behind the thigh and the ankle guard are movable.

The movement of the armors totally compliment the articulation design of the leg, something I like very much about this kit. ^^
The fact that some portion of the calf can retract into the rear armor instead of being completely limited by it is a very good design in my opinion.

Somewhat limited by the two round parts on either sides of the ankle, the foot doesn't bend out too much, but the overall articulation is still very good, especially when the hip joint is a separated component from the thigh. ^^

All parts for the left leg.

Major separable components.

Left leg completed.

Both legs completed.

Another look at the articulation design of the legs.

Following the design style of Gundam Double O mecha, the round knee joints that can show off the gray mechanical portion as if it's one single unit looks very appealing to me. ^^

Assembling the body unit of GN-X next.

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