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Action Base 3 Black Part 2 [Final]

Display stand & backdrop mania

Moving on to actually assemble something from Action Base 3 Black after the introduction on this base set yesterday. ^^

Parts for the display stand.

A tab is designed at the edge of the pin to really secure the part when it's connected to the stand.

The design of the separable components is a mix between Action Base 1 and 2:the joint segment with a cap (center) is from #1, while the insert-type connector head is from #2.

The completed display stand.

Adjustable tab near the edge of the stand's base to heighten or lower the stand.
This design feature can be found on Action Base 2 as well.

A lock to expand the length of the stand.
This is a common feature for Action Base 1 and 2.

Two sets of joints at the connector head, this one allows the displayed model to swing to the front or back ...

... and this one allows the model to be tilted to the left or right.
This is another design feature inherited from Action Base 2.

All said joints are of ratchet type. Very tight and tough at this point since they are just been assembled, but do expect the clutch to get exhausted over extensive period of usage. ^^;

Action Base 3 completed. ^^

Trying out the pin type connector first.

HGUC Nu Gundam

HG 1/144 Tieren Ground Type

Trying out the mount rack type connectors this time.
A special joint is included to fit the pin of the mount racks onto the head of the display stand. This special part is the kind that is missing in Action Base 2 that made it unable to use the mount racks from Action Base 1 (image link from the review on 2)

With Nu Gundam again.

Accessories included.

The four buttons allow you to conceal any of the slots beneath the base that are meant for the extension rods. Just for visual appeal I believe. ^^
The buttons do not fit the slots meant for the display stand on top of the base, as you can see in the picture on the right.

Using the extension rod to elevate the base.
Only two are included, so you can't turn the base into a mini table with the rods XD

Placement of the rods allows you to configure between horizontal or vertical display of the base, which depends very much on the image you chose for the backdrop.

Expansion bars allow you to connect to more display bases to get a larger platform.

However, even without any extra part, the gap on Action Base 3 can accept the smaller base from #1 for a quick combo.

Like this. ^^

The combination is very firm, as you can see in this picture. ^^
A very nice bonus (hidden?) feature I would say. The little base can support maybe one more model to be mounted on this slightly expanded display base. ^^

The gap doesn't accept combo application from Action Base 2 though. ^^;
The height between the two bases is compatible, but the expansion bar doesn't fit ...

... thanks to a little gate that sits right in the middle of where the expansion bar is supposed to go in. ^^;

Another very cool design feature of the display base: all four extension rods and expansion bars have their dedication storage locations beneath the base.
Don't have to keep these additional parts in other places for storage then. ^^

Trying out the display base with various model kits in my collection: ^^

HGUC Gundam RX-78-2

The obligatory Char Kick XD

Haven't assemble my Real Grade version of the two yet, but the HGUC version can realize the scene very nicely anyway.

Gundam RX-78-2 is using the stand from Action Base 3, while Char's Zaku II uses the one from #2. Both stand can be adjusted to the same level for a "balanced interaction" ^^

Char's Zaku II with Zaku Bazooka.

First Grade 1/144 Gundam Exia.

Good old 1/144 Turn A Gundam. ^^

1/144 Gundam Deathscythe Hell

HGUC S Gundam

One last feature to try out: swap the entire joint section of the stand with that from MG Figurerise's display stand.

Totally compatible. ^^

MG Figurerise Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker can now fly on another platform. ^^

On the other hand, thanks to the computability between Action Base 3 and MG Figurerise's stand, the joint from the earlier can go onto the stand of the latter of course, which means that all models can now use the clear stand with round base from MG Figurerise along with the same kind of flexibility that Action Base 3 offers for the connector. ^^

Mix and match like eating buffet really XD

Still, about the backdrop included ...

Pretty generic I would say ^^;

Swap it with whatever postcards you like for even more bombastic and personalized display.
Images of Kyoko Fukada are like +100 for any model kit on display using the base. ^^

Oops, wrong girl. ^^

So, are you looking at my model kit or the postcard? XD

Still, black frame is not a suitable display tool for any portrait of favorite characters, especially in Chinese beliefs. Just wait till the day when Bandai releases clear or sparkle green variations of this base set then. I'm going to get a whole dozen of them and have Kyoko Fukada smiling behind my Zakus, Gelgoogs, whatever model kits I have XD

On a more serious note, maybe you can take pictures when assembling a particular model kit, compile develop a picture from them, then have that as the backdrop complimenting the completed model kit. ^^ How the model kit is built shown as a picture beneath the completed work. That would generate a very memorable image I think.

A very nice base set released by Bandai. It's certainly very versatile when used as a display tool for your model kits, and the compatibility with various model kit series make it more superior than Action Base 1 and 2, even though I still think that the earlier is very good with larger model kits, while #2 is best for smaller ones. This #3 is somewhat in between the two, and is flexible enough to cater for the display of big or small kits alike, or combo of the two. Very nice. ^^

Plus, I never would have thought that I could have so much fun from just adjusting model kits on a display base ^^

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