Thursday, May 12, 2011

Limited HGUC Unicorn Gundam & Sinanju Get

What? Limited? What's limited?

Got these two Gunplas from a recent purchase:

Cinema Limited HGUC Unicorn Gundam Destory Mode "NT-D Pearl Clear" Ver. (HGUCユニコーンガンダム(デストロイモード) 劇場限定NT-DパールクリアVer.) and Sinanju "Red Comet Sparkle" Ver. (HGUCシナンジュ 劇場限定レッドコメットスパークルVer.), which were Japanese cinema limited kits for Episode 2 and 3 of the "Gundam UC" respectively, came out last year and this year.

Based on personal experience last year with these limited items, "Gundam UC" related again for some odd reasons, these supposedly super-duper-rare-limited-even-you-give-me-money-I-won't-let-you-have-it sort of deals can often be obtained like normal stuff. ^^ And if you can believe it, the prices for these two kits are actually pretty standard fair from where I got it. ^^

Yen prices are not stated behind the serial code of these 2 limited items like normal kits from Bandai would (Unicorn Gundam is 1,900 Yen inclusive of tax, Sinanju is 2,800 Yen exclusive of tax)

Special part replacement forms included are not available for the regular version.
"For use in Japan only" ^^;

Parts for Unicorn Gundam (left) and Sinanju (right).

"Don't fall the word called 'limited' again." Told myself that a long time ago. Sometimes that isn't the case (speaking from personal experience again, like that Tamashii Web Shop limited expansion set for Soul of Chogokin GX-48 The Big O), but even when a certain limited item is gone, I don't feel too much of the pain as I would when I was younger, when I was being a lot more anal about owning certain thing that I really want. Somehow, through the different resources and channels that I know now, I always feel that I would be able to get back all the items I missed in the past. Spawn Series 18 "Interlink 6" mentioned 2 weeks ago is a great example of that.

Anyway, since the two kits are special clear version Gunplas, that gives me a reason (excuse) to not paint any of the parts at all when building them. XD I haven't been building anything as of lately, so I might go with them soon. ^^


Chris said... did you get them?! I'm so envious.... T.T
And so you have 2 HGUC Unicorns now? I remember you getting the one with the head display stands.

Q said...

I'm a tad surprised that you will not paint the carvings on Sinanju - come on, you love those things, so I have a feeling that you will change your mind in the future there XD