Thursday, May 5, 2011

HG 1/144 GN-X Part 7

Menacing to one direction only

Action poses of HG 1/144 GN-X in this posting.

The unique position beneath the rear skirt armor to mount the model to Action Display Base 2.

Although the standard armament for GN-X is the normal GN beam rifle with short barrel, I prefer the long barrel type anytime for its great look. ^^ With or without grasping the supporting handle on the side, the poses showing the kit with the rifle are very cool-looking to me. ^^ The long barrel type makes the normal beam rifle looks like a sub-machine gun instead, which doesn't really support the menacing feel that GN-X projects. ^^

The chest binders do not obstruct the shoulder movement, allowing the model to have a very flexible range of poses with its weapon. The waist binders do get in the way of the legs, thighs to be specific, so it's quite difficult to bend the legs to certain desired angles. The double point hip joint doesn't really do much to help the leg articulation unfortunately, having that limitation from the hip joints. It does help to give the model more stable standing poses, because you can rotate the thigh a lot and adjust the foot to touch the surface it's standing on better.

With a display stand, none of that really matters anyway XD

The greatest limitation that does bug me is the neck joint. It's a standard ball-type joint on a polycap part, yes, but with the chin being limited by the collars, the neck joint is pretty much static, ^^; or as I would call it, "the head is stuck" XD Quite unfortunate really, because it would be great if the head can be turned to face somewhere else instead of just looking forward (literally). All the poses have to be adjusted to be forward facing because of that, making even the flexible waist articulation seems unnecessary. ^^; I'm glad that the designers realize this weakness and gave the Master Grade version a renewed design for its neck joint, giving it a much greater range of movement that this HG kit.

The last posting on this kit coming up next.

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