Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MG Shin Musha Gundam Part 4

When you get stingy, you get more work

Done with the black layer of my MG Shin Musha Gundam since Monday, it's time to move on and proceed with the second layer of spray paint color (third if gray from the surfacer is also counted as one of the colors XD) on the kit: the bling-bling. ^^

As mentioned in the previous posting on this kit, the color I'm using is Tamiya Color spray can TS-84 Metallic Gold.

Still pretty "conscious" about the high price of this spray can that I got, and on top of that, I have plan to use it on my Master Grade Sinanju later on, so I must say that I was somewhat reluctant to go "fast and furious" with this particular layer of color - "fast" yes, "furious", maybe not. ^^; Honestly, I was trying to save the paint by not using it as much as I did with the entire black layer in the previous posting.

Like villains in children's stories, stinginess can cause great trouble to the person who isn't willing to give in the first place. Same with spray-painting as I discovered through personal experience in this round of work. It's kind of expected at the end, but is still pretty painful to swallow. ^^;

I put in two layers of gold paint actually (to the contrary of hoping to get everything done with just one layer). The first layer was super light and it didn't cover the black coat properly enough to really conceal it. Some of the results were brilliant, and I did managed to get the bling-bling effect mentioned in the previous posting. However, many of them were pretty poor in terms of their outcomes. After some pondering, I decided to give it a second layer, very much admitting to my own mistake in planning already at this point, realizing that I'm not going to be able to achieve my "noble" intention of saving up the paint. ^^;

To balance the paint scheme for all the parts, I gave all of them a second layer of gold paint. While it did improved the outcome of the targeted parts with poor results mentioned above (most of them), some of the parts that came out nicely from the previous layer developed "frost bites" - pale patches on the finished paint resulted from uneven paint layer I supposed, as you can see below:


Some of the bad results also include areas around the corners that weren't covered by the spray paint. The black layer done earlier on was survived by some dark particles that refused to submerge after the gold paint came on. They were just as ugly-looking as those frost bites. ^^;

Third layer of spray paint? Not possible anymore, as I've finished the whole can from that second layer just now. ^^;

So done for one really expensive spray can, done for the plan using the same can on my MG Sinanju as well. So much for hoping to save up. I didn't get to save anything at all, except for more work to follow. ^^;

Luckily, not everything is lost, as hand-painting can salvage the damage. Just a little bit of paint is enough, and there's 250ml of thinner to spare. ^^

Color used is Mr. Metal Color 219 Brass, which rolled out the first time for BB Senshi Sangokuden Choko Zaku III last month.

Results for the hand painted parts.

Several parts pasted on the paper cardboard were also repainted.

Quite a lot of spray paint on the paper as you can see. ^^;

Not the best of work for this part it seems. One can of spray can gone, with quite a bit of unplanned added work as well. The outcome is pretty OK, but the process is a bit nerve-racking, ^^;

Another layer of spray paint, this time a layer of top coat to protect the paint when the parts have completely dried. I've done this before for all the GN Swords of Gundam Exia model kits that I have, so there's a bit of experience to draw from to predict the outcome. That will be covered in the next posting, but for now, some goodies are needed to remedy the losses. ^^;


Anonymous said...

NK,instead of painting it all over again,I think it's cheaper for u to just get the Shin Musha Sengoku no Jin ver.The runners are all plated in bling-bling plus,u get the uber awesome backdrop~


buzz said...

i don't think the black paint is necessary, u should have applied white paint instead to make the gold "lighter". and the uneven layer of gold paint is caused by airbubbles, u should shake the can vigorously (shake it as if u hate it. hahaha)

Gugu said...

Don't Worry, its just a little mistake. Rise and Shine Ngee o/