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BB Senshi Sangokuden Choko Zaku III Part 6 [Final]

Meeting a close relative member

Last posting for BB Senshi Sangokuden Choko Zaku III, starting with a bunch of images of the just completed kit: ^^

Comparison with the straight assembled version did in Part 1:

All the bright yellow parts have been painted into a darker golden scheme, but that and all the other paints applied didn't play down Choko Zaku III's main color scheme of dark green and green, which is a really good thing, since I always like the close resemblance of it to Zaku II. ^^ Kind of ironic actually, since the image I have about it (Zaku II) doesn't fit its actual name (Zaku III) XD A much larger rear skirt armor and a large backpack would be able to change that I think, but that's not important at all.

Moving on to some action poses from Choko Zaku III with its weird-looking weapon: ^^

Main weapon: 狼牙・双重戟

Just the spear/trident: 超重戟

The scimitars: 曲锐剣

And of course, the combo between the two types of weapon is possible as well, even though holding the spear with just one hand seems a bit weird. ^^;

Very nice poses actually, and the shoulder armors don't get in the way of the weapons - something I thought would happen as mentioned in the previous posting - with the exception of when using the scimitars as tonfas though. The sharp edges tend to collide with the shoulder armors when they slide to the back of the arm in that mode. I was hoping to get the action pose shown on the box art in one of the images posted above, but unable to get around the tonfas to not hitting the shoulder armors, the pose is not close at all I think. ^^;

And all this while I thought I wouldn't be able to get it because of the fixed eye sticker. ^^;

Very simple configuration for Choko Zaku III's finishing move of 爪拳獄連掌:

Reverse the left shoulder armor and mount it onto the forearm to form a gauntlet with thorns.

Reverse the right shoulder armor and attach the two scimitars onto the sides to form a double bladed gauntlet.

Mount the weapon to the right forearm.


Just like his main weapon of 狼牙・双重戟, the ultimate attack combo weapon set seems pretty awkward to me as well. ^^; None of the spikes on the right gauntlet is forward facing, and the left gauntlet seems like a giant stab/slash block with a huge gap between the blades. ^^; The exact function is probably explained on the box's introduction, but it's still pretty strange-looking to me. ^^;

Finally, since Choko Zaku III uses (reuses) one particular runner from Shiba-I Sazabi, I thought it would be good to bring the two together to see how exactly are they related as completed models. ^^

The connection isn't visible at first glance since their color schemes are so different between each others.

Minus the headgear, the helmet design is identical between the two.

Minus the add-on in front, the waist component is completely identical between the two.
The back are the legs are too, even though the later are usually hidden by the large skirt armors and are not clearly visible. ^^;

Only in BB Senshi design would this work I think. ^^

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