Monday, May 9, 2011

MG Shin Musha Gundam Part 3

And all turns to black

Before continuing with this particular segment of work, a look at the result from yesterday's work with Mr. Surfacer 1200:

Everything turns to gray, as gray as they can be, almost like a piece from a drawing board ready for actual painting. ^^ The question is, which color to go on first?

Gold is the definite target of course, but spraying gold directly onto the parts done with surfacer might not be too desirable, since the color would be "flat". I wasn't able to grasp the idea behind that anyway, even after watching many tutorial videos about this done by professional modelers from Japan, like this one - MG Char's Customized Rick Dom done by Einosuke Hino (鋭之介日野), or this one - MG Kampfer done by Nobuyuki Sakurai (桜井信之). The most obvious reason for that is because I couldn't understand a word they were saying. ^^ However, through this work, I'm hoping to find out the differences myself. ^^

Anyway, the two colors to be used, one after another are:

Tamiya Color spray can TS-14 Black and ...

... TS-84 Metallic Gold.

100ml each, their prices sure aren't favorable for sustained usage. ^^; TS-14 Black is alright, but TS-84 Metallic Gold is really pricey - twice the price of the earlier from where I got it, more expensive than an average High Grade kit actually. >.< The main reason I got it anwyay was the store ran out of normal gold (TS-21 perhaps) and I was in a bit of hurry when I went there. For a rare experience in using spray can, I thought it would be OK to try this particular color out.

Still, no more TS-84 in the future on my book. ^^; Must think of alternatives to go around this color if I want the same type of effect from spray can paints on future projects. ^^;

Anyway, trying out the color combination of surfacer, black and gold on a runner first.

Gold on surfacer directly on the left and a layer of black on the right.

And a layer of gold on the right side of the runner when the black paint has dried.
"Flat" gold on the left versus a more outstanding gold on the right.

Don't quite get the idea of how exactly a layer of black before gold could bring out the nice quality of the paint from the testing, but the result sure looks nice. ^^

So after a night of being gray, I'm sending all the parts into total darkness (blackness) in this round of work. ^^

Painted the ones on skewers.

Painted the ones held by paper clips.

Painted the ones on the cardboard.

"Fast and furious" in spraying all the parts, just like using the surfacer as mentioned in the previous posting. ^^

Another day of waiting before the last round of spray can on these parts. ^^


Anonymous said...

Your black sprayed paint seem too thick for me which, from my experience, may make the layer of paint peel off quite easily but that maybe because I use some cheap spray paint.

BTW I recommend spray quick and swift then wait a few hours then repeat again maybe 1 or 2 times till you satisfy.

ErazEr said...

I see some doing a chrome silver under coat then covering it with clear yellow.. but heck I'll wait and see what will happen before making any more comments