Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BB Senshi Sangokuden Choko Zaku III Part 5

This is Zaku, boy! Zaku

Time to put together the little fella that has been sitting in my closet for about a month already. ^^

There aren't many parts for this kit actually - as with most other BB Senshi models out there, but particularly more so for Choko Zaku III, since most of its major components like the weapons and shoulder shield are all designed to be one-piece part for each one of them. It feels like there are very few parts to put together to complete the whole kit. ^^;

Weapon parts: two scimitars/tonfas called 曲锐剣 and a spear/trident (?) called 超重戟.

The combined weapon is called 狼牙・双重戟
Quite a weird-looking weapon I would say. ^^

Length of the combined pole weapon is 14cm.

All parts of Choko Zaku III's main body.

Foil stickers are used for the mono-eye.
I didn't use the detachable sticker I made for Shiba-I Sazabi quite some time ago for Choko Zaku III since the model doesn't have a large backpack that would obstruct the helmet's movement and prevent the eye from being seen.

All major separable components.
Pretty standard fair for a BB Senshi Sangokuden kit I would say.

Choko Zaku III in "plain" form - not exactly since the body and waist seem like they are pretty much integrated with heavy armors already.

Without the armor, the head clearly resembles Zaku II instead of Zaku III. ^^

In action with his scimitars before getting the armor upgrade.

All armor parts - helmet, left and right shoulder armors, and an add-on for the front skirt armor.

A large sheet of foil sticker for the tail on the helmet ...

... and a small pink one for the "sensor" on the forehead.

Minus the "almighty" seam line right in the middle of the split, ^^; rear portion of the tail painted in gold done in Part 3 is quite a match for the foil sticker.

The completed helmet.

Very simple assembly for the armors. ^^

Choko Zaku III! Sanjou! ^^

Very simple build for Choko Zaku III, even simpler than the previous BB Senshi Sangokuden kit I did - Shusou Doven Wolf done in October last year. ^^; As compared to the later, the number of detachable armors for Choko Zaku III is very few - just four (Shosou Doven Wolf has seven). Also, Choko Zaku III's combined weapon of 狼牙・双重戟 is not a very impressive design in my opinion. The spear/trident is just too small to look menacing. ^^; Even though you can switch between two modes for the tonfas, I'm anticipating that the shoulder armors are going to get in the way of some action poses. ^^;

Then again, despite the lack of parts and impressive gimmicks (to me), the feature I like the most about this kit, which I mentioned in the introduction is definitely there, and it's awesome - Zaku II head design. ^^

More images and action poses of this BB Senshi kit coming up in the next posting. ^^

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