Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Many gathered Master Grades must go multitasking glory

I recently had a nightmare of facing a huge Heat Hawk landing on my head from a red Zaku II that seemed to be exploding with great anger, who cried out loud to me to start working on him right away, followed by the katana, bazooka and giant beam sword threats from a Samurai-looking Gundam and another two wearing headphone and winged parachute respectively. It was a horrible dream, seeing that Zaku II with billowing smoke from his snout, with giant cyclops eye snaring down on me like it was trying to burn me to death with that blinding ray.

I woke up soaked in my own cold sweat, so with shaking hands at 5AM, I started preparing the work, like taking pictures of the box and content, studied up on the manual and searched for background info of all of them, so that I can start on the 4 Master Grade kits that threatened me in my own dream soon. To please all of them, I have to work on all 4 kits in one go.

Never thought that Gunpla-ing could turn into such a life-threatening hobby at all. I think my wallet gave me such warnings in the past but I always thought the threats were meant for him only. Now I know he was right, but it's too late. My life now hang on a thin thread that runs between a Heat Hawk and a giant katana. I have to work extra hard on 4 kits in one go to save my own life. It's crazy.

Anybody fell for that? ^^

Actually some really awesome new stuff are coming into my room and I need more spaces to store all of them. The easiest way out is to start working on more kits and get rid of the empty runners to create more spaces to squeeze in the extra stuff. No direct substitution, but massive relocation exercise is underway for many items in my room. ^^; Quite sad really, but I'm not willing to send any of the books, CDs, model kits, action figures and other items in my collection to another place in the house.

And good stuff keeps coming in at the same time. ^^;

Anyway, expect postings on all 4 MG kits shown above to commence soon. ^^


Q said...

Haha I always wonder how you are keeping up with the space issue - one of the many problems that we hobbyists face no matter what we buy, build, or collect ^^;

And you got me really curious about what this "really awesome new stuff" is about. Hmmmmmm...

Joe said...

But you are already working on Shin Musha Gundam! Why is he not pleased? LOL, very catchy opening!

Chris said...

I hear ya, Q. Sooner or later, we will suffocate under the mountains of our hobby items. ^^;
Sometimes I wonder how we can restrain our buying impulses....