Friday, May 6, 2011

SHCM-Pro Gundam & Others Get

Suddenly, Gundam! ^^

Continuous "run" on getting more old items from local forumers after Spawn Series 18 "Interlink 6" mentioned a few days ago. ^^ 4 not-too-old but unopened Gundam action figures just came in last week. ^^

Extended MSIA G-3 Gundam and HCM-Pro Gundam RX-78-2 Roll Out Color Ver. - got from Toy Randomness.

SHCM-Pro Gundam RX-78-2 and Char's Customized Zaku II.

Even though I do have the Real Grade Gunpla version of Gundam RX-78-2 and Char's Zaku II, which are of the same scale of those two SHCM-Pro figures, their designs have very little in common. There are plenty of goodies incorporated into the latter, which are not available on the plamo version. That's part of the reasons why they were rather pricey (6,800 Yen exclusive of tax each) when first released three years ago, on top of being fully painted and detailed action figures to begin with. I really like tiny details on small figures, so these two SHCM-Pro figures were on my list of purchase when they are first released. It's definitely great to be able to get them again after so many years.

On a separate note, I never expected their boxes to be that big actually. ^^; Each figure is using a box with the box size almost equivalent to that of a small MG. For figures in 1/144 scale, especially when they have no fancy backpack or special weapons that would offset regular package size, such big boxes are quite an overkill. ^^

All these 4 items are like artefacts or snapshots of Bandai's experimentation in their Gundam action figure series. First MSIA, then GFF, then HCM-Pro, then EMSIA, followed by SHCM-Pro, and finally Robot Damashii. The back-and-forth "competition" of "which series can get more support and customers" was mentioned in old posting last year. EMSIA, HCM-Pro and SHCM-Pro are all dormant product series right now - I won't say they are gone for good since Bandai never explicitly announced before that they are scrapping these series. It's not easy getting these in the market anymore, so it's definitely good to be able to see what Bandai offered in the past before Robot Damashii took the limelight. ^^

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