Thursday, May 5, 2011

HG 1/144 GN-X Part 8 [Final]

Sharp & intimidating

The last posting on HG 1/144 GN-X, with more action poses after the earlier posting.

Taller and bigger in terms of volume (a lot of thanks to its large binders ^^) as compared to Gundam Exia in the same scale. This is the First Grade version).

Comparison with HG Tieren Ground Type.

Size comparison with Gundam Exia reveals GN-X's greater height and volume. Given that Gundam Exia is a standard sized MS, the differences in size would make GN-X a heavy MS then. ^^ Still, it's the intimidation factors that interest me the most about GN-X - the fierce look to be exact. The evil-looking face, all the spikes and sharp points, claws and even the color scheme make it a real menacing protagonist MS. This model kit definitely captures that feel very well, but I think the MG version does better in that aspect by incorporating even more sharp points and edges. Done with this kit makes me want to try on that MG kit as soon as possible, ^^ but I'll hold on to that and start the work on another kit instead, which will be coming up next.

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Shaomu/Nyanerius said...

The MG is definately a full-on improvement on the HG GN-X I, but there's one thing that it suffers from that is impossible to fix without serious modification: loose joints. There's no such thing as stable joints on the kit, which is too bad, because the building process and even the result is absolutely fantastic and enthralling.

Otaku Surf said...

It's been a while since my last Gundam project, but if I was ever to go back, the GN-X would probably on the top of my list of gundams to buy and put together. It's absolutely stellar and in HG no less!