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MG Force Impulse Gundam Part 1

3-D effort demanded

The last of the 4 "generals" on my current Master Grade project list to be introduced: Force Impulse Gundam. ^^

Force Impulse Gundam is the last Master Grade kit from "Gundam SEED Destiny" that I have in my collection, after Infinite Justice Gundam. It's perhaps the most complicated in terms of panel lining and painting work I anticipate when looking through the runners. The complicated portion is mainly due to its transformation feature in my opinion. When a model is transformable, many of its components that won't be shown in MS mode would be exposed, so no detailing work can be skipped for them. Even though I panel line my model kits as much to cover all the details, normally I skip the rear portion of the armors, as the details there are scarily abundant but won't be shown anyway. ^^; That policy of mine might have to be revisited for Force Impulse Gundam because of its transformation gimmick. On top of that, being a kit from "Gundam SEED Destiny", the details designed on all the parts are just unbelievably rich. The amount of time needed to bring out the details is very much anticipatable. ^^;

Anyway, it's not like I have a deadline to roll out this kit anyway. The moment I feel stressful working on it (or any kit actually), I'll just send it into storage mode and shelve it for as long as I want to, moving on to something else before eventually restarting on it again after an undefined period of time. ^^

Then again, in a good way, the details and the redesigned proportion of this model presents a really sleek Force Impulse Gundam. As compared to the rather bulky looking version as seen in the TV anime, various new design features helps to project a fiercer look on this Gundam, something I like very much about this kit, which prompted the purchase decision for it in the first place. ^^

I'm not too impressed with the original TV anime version. It's very colorful, but I always thought the color combination is just to project its image as the protagonist Gundam, where the traditional Gundam color scheme of white-blue-red-yellow is a must-follow norm. ^^; However, there are other features that make the design seems somewhat strange to me. For example, I never understand why the little v mark exists on the chest, or the cross on the shield in that manner. Those are design elements from Earth Federation units from Universal Century era. Not that I cannot accept the "crossover", but since those design elements are absent on other ZAFT units when Impulse Gundam appears, they do seem out of place on Impulse Gundam for me. ^^;

This Master Grade version manages to stay true to the color combo, but added new details that balanced out that awkward feeling I have about the overall design of this Gundam. The sharper look (especially the look ^^), slimmer body and a few new gimmicks are very well executed in my opinion. The Aile Strike-wannabe Force Silhouette pack (XD) gets an upgrade, with longer and much sharper wings as compared to its predecessor. The Folding Razor combat knives get an improvement too, which upgrades them from the really sissy looking ones in the 1/100 and (even) 1/60 scale versions to a weapon that does seem useful and formidable. I like how the chest piece is designed to slide upward to cover the Gundam's face in Chest Flyer mode. I must admit that I still laugh at the poor effort of trying to hide the face to make the whole unit less obvious as the detached top portion of Impulse Gundam folded up to become a jet fighter like, err... something. ^^

"Look at that flying thing... What is it?"
"Looks like half of an MS with its arms folder upwards with a rifle pointing to the front."
"That thing between the folded arms, it couldn't be its head right?"
"And are those V-fin? It can't be a Gundam, can it?"

For protection of the face in MA mode maybe? Then again, Gundam Kyrios and Arios Gundam would beg to differ I'm sure XD

Anyway, I really like this MG. The single Excalibur anti-ship sword is a really nice added bonus but I'm already very impressed with the intrinsic design features of the Gundam itself, so no special mentioning of that weapon.

Introduction of the kit on the box sides.

Special first batch production gift: a ticket that allows you to download the special "Phase-Impulse" video clip from Bandai Hobbysite (the page is still there, unbelievably XD) between May 24th and August 31st 2008.
Tells you how long I have this kit in my collection. ^^;


Completed model shown on the back of the manual.

Runner A - Multi-color runner that contains mainly parts for the head, Core Splendor and shield.

You probably won't be able to see it clearly, but the details inside the cockpit part of Core Splendor are very well done.

Runner B (x2) - Contains armor parts for the legs, arms and side skirt armors.

Details behind the armor parts that are definitely on par with the other "Gundam SEED Destiny" Master Grade kits. ^^

Runner C - Contains non-repetitive parts for the arms, legs and skirt armors, as well as some parts for Core Splendor and the flyer unit.

(Left) Parts for Force Silhouette pack are cleverly grouped in one corner so that they can be removed from the mold for other variations of Impulse Gundam.
(Right) Standing and pilot figures of Lunamaria and Shinn.

Extensive details behind the front and rear skirt armors.

Runner D - Contains all the blue parts for the Gundam.
The entire runner can be molded in different colors for Impulse Gundam's variations: red (Sword) and black (Blast).

Runner E - Contains all the red parts for the Gundam.
The entire runner can be molded in different colors for Impulse Gundam's variations: black (Sword) and blue (Blast).

Details beneath the feet parts.

Runner F - Contains all the light blue parts for the Gundam.
The entire runner can be molded in different colors for Impulse Gundam's variations: gray (Sword) and green (Blast).

Runner G - Contains mainly weapon parts and landing gears for the different components after transformation.

(Left) A large display platform for the flyer unit when Force Silhouette pack is mounted.
(Right) The blades of the combat knives show hints of runner separation even though they are featured on all variations of Impulse Gundam.

Various landing gear parts.

Runner H - Contains parts for the flyer unit and the wings on Force Silhouette pack.

Sharp points and nice looking line details on the wings.

Runner I (x2) - ABS runner. Contains inner frame parts for the legs.

Curvy pipe details on the legs' inner frame remind me of MG Destiny Gundam.

Runner J - ABS runner. Contains mainly inner frame parts for the body and waist, and various display base connector parts for the different transformed components.

Very detailed parts for the body's inner frame, as usual. ^^

Runner K - ABS runner. Contains parts for the arms' inner frame and joint parts for the feet.

Runner L - ABS runner. Contains joint parts for the Force Silhouette pack.

Runner M - Contains red parts for the wings and binders on Force Silhouette pack.

(Top down) Runners O, N and P - Contains parts for Excalibur.
It's very impressive to see that an extra weapon component included for this kit was given accurate color separation via 3 different runners. ^^

(Left) One-piece hollow clear part for the "striking edge" of Excalibur's beam portion is very cool.
(Right) Sharp and pointy edge of the sword tip.

Polycap set PC-130B and beam saber parts.

Just like MG Infinite Justice Gundam, the beam saber parts are molded with sparkle dusts.

Foil sticker, decal, clear sticker and the special video download ticket (top left).

Text details on the decal (left) and emblems of FAITH and ZAFT on the clear sticker (right).

All removed parts are organized and stored in individual paper containers.

Following the tradition of having crazy work on certain parts of my model kits (when I like it that way), like detailing the cockpit in MG Destiny Gundam, modifying Iron Mask in MG F91 and the more recent head sensor clear part upgrading in MG Infinite Justice Gundam, a very devious plan focusing on just a single part from this kit will be shown in the next posting. ^^

An evil plan worthy of a nod from the manager of Devil Maid Cafe, Tsuruya-san XD
Image is from my review on Nendoroid Tsuruya-san.

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Yes, I do find the 'V' on Impulse chest weird too, but it's not the only ZAFT unit to have that. Saviour does too.