Wednesday, January 6, 2010

MG F91 Part 8

Don't worry, I'm confused too

From yesterday, I'm swapping the parts from MG Crossbone Full Cloth to F91, or the other way round if you like.

This is something I never did before, and never thought necessary as well. ^^;

A seemingly easy task, just swap out the identical parts in different colors between the two kits, but it's actually not as easy as I thought. Crossbone Full Cloth uses a mixture of F91's frame and its own new parts, so there it's not possible to swap in bulk. Some more all the parts for MG F91 were cut from their runners quite some time ago and I have no intention to go with common sense on this matter. On top of that, many parts between the two kits are quite similar to each others, but are actually different.

So, I arranged the parts side by side and examine the manuals closely to find the identical ones. The disputed parts should be the ones with identical numbers in both manuals, mostly that is.

On the fortunate side, just five components are involved - left and right arms, left and right leg and the waist. ^^

Swapping the parts for the right arm.

Different labels for the parts of the elbow - the ones circled in purple, but the design is identical.

First swap completed.

Repeated for the left arm.

Swapping the parts for the legs.
Despite having more parts, the task is a mix of ease and difficulty - to be explained below.

4 ABS ball joints for the waist swapped.

For the legs and waist, many parts are actually picked up from the box containing the unused parts - including two larger ones for the waist not shown in the pictures above. That's the easy part, picking out parts with the same color as F91's frame from that box. It's also easy because the frame between the left and right legs of F91 are actually the same.

The harder work is distinguishing the parts - the ones to be exchanged, the one that are unused for Crossbone Full Cloth, the ones that are not available for F91, things like that. For the sake of clarity (for myself), I picked out the common parts for the legs between the two kits to be compared. That helped because there are quite a lot of parts for that component in both kits.

Like a mind game it is. ^^; I really hope I get everything right at the end of this ordeal, ^^; and get back to the work on F91.


Zoidiect Archaea said...

seems that mystery is almost solved!!

Sammy! said...

Hihi, cant wait for the final outcome...keep it up NK!!!

Chris said...

Looks like a puzzle game for you, but what's the chance of other people experiencing the same thing as you too.... ^^;

Anonymous said...

I think you might have gotten some dodgy gunpla which have been tampered with before your purchase. Mixed parts between the Xbone and F91, taped packaging.... all of them sounds fishy to me.