Sunday, January 24, 2010

Play Arts Kai Bayonetta Action Figure

Buy-onetta or no Buy-onetta

I'm a big fan of "Bayonetta". Never played the game - I don't have a game console, but I like the character very much.

Square Enix is coming up with an action figure of Bayonetta in its Play Arts Kai series. May release, 4,725 Yen (inclusive of tax).

237mm tall. Articulation is good, action poses are great, but her profile doesn't look as awesome as the design in the game. Limitation of an action figure I suppose.

Or maybe I'm asking for too much? ^^; Hopefully a figurine of her is coming as well. ^^

Images are from Amiami.


L said...

I'd wait for the PVC figure.

G.G. said...

The game is kinda 'meh'. But the figure design is looks pretty well designed, it looks tall too.

Q said...

Haha you are quite into 眼鏡娘! XD

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excellent work with the design of those figures, I always stop in the windows shop to see woks like this, my next figure surely will one of these.