Friday, January 1, 2010

HGUC Nu Gundam Part 10

Really stubborn joints

New Year Day, and I'm returning to a review not yet done since last year ^^;

Action poses featuring HGUC Nu Gundam:

Really strong joints help a lot in supporting the model's pose, even with the whole set of Fin Funnels mounted.

Taking off the block of Fin Funnels return a great deal of "freedom" to the left arm though ^^

Love the dynamic shape of the beam saber, and the extra spread palm included makes the action poses with it even better. ^^

Since the beam saber mount rack on the backpack doesn't turn like the MG equivalence, resting the bazooka over the shoulder becomes quite a troublesome task. ^^;

Imagination is a better channel to pose those Fin Funnel I suppose. ^^;

More action poses in the next review. ^^

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