Sunday, January 10, 2010

MG F91 Part 11

Back to old habit

Working on one of the most distinctive features of Gundam F91 this time, its Variable Speed Beam Rifle (VSBR).

Despite being small in size, I think all the components of F91 come with some parts for the inner frame, including the VSBR. And as expected, there's some sort of power cord designed for this weapons - kind of a typical setup for a beam weapon. ^^

And with that, there's no escaping from an old habit of mine as well. ^^

Panel-lined to get the borders on the parts first

The golden parts are painted first, followed by silver. Both colors are from Gundam Markers.

Parts are panel-lined again to get back the lines covered by the painting just now.

Following the fins from the shoulder armors, the verniers behind the VSBR, which I assume has the same function of dispersing heat from the weapon as those fins are painted in the same color.

Excess paint is scratched away and the parts are panel-lined.

Subtle, not too much golden paint showing off that might render the whole component too flashy. ^^

Other parts of the VSBR panel-lined as well.

Moving on to the legs next.

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