Friday, January 29, 2010

MG F91 Part 17

The weapons as well

Picking up since the pilot cockpit and moving into the last stage of work on my MG F91. ^^

The easiest bit goes first: the beam sabers - just panel-lining the handle.

Details on the mechanical details of the beam rifle. The targeting sensor is to be painted in white as well.

The little pipes are painted with Gundam Marker Gold and Silver.

The targeting sensor of the rifle is painted with Gundam Marker White, and then panel-lined.

The targeting sensor doesn't come with a foil sticker actually. A little cut-out from the existing foil sticker can solve the problem easily.

A little bit of Gundam Marker Gray for the tail of the beam rifle's casing. Personal preference really, as that part looks like vernier to me. ^^

Completed by panel-lining the "staircases".

Panel-lining on top of the rifle casing.

The more troublesome beam bazooka is next. ^^

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