Tuesday, January 5, 2010

MG Crossbone Full Cloth Part 1

"Supposedly" MG F91 Part 8

Sorting out the strange thing happening to my Gundam F91 as mentioned yesterday. I think the best way to do that is to start on the other kit which seems to be closely entangled in this mystery - MG Crossbone Full Cloth. I can then compare between the runners, and see what's going on.

Anyway, Crossbone Full Cloth is one of my favorite MGs as well. I love the special weapon, the Peacock Smasher very much. I think it's the most unique weapon in the world of Gundam. However uncommon the idea is combining the designer of a crossbow from the Medieval era into futuristic setting of Gundam, it's very cool-looking nonetheless. Although the weight and balance problem is going to be quite an issue.

Apart from the Peacock Smasher, Crossbone Gundam itself is an attraction to me. Inherited from Crossbone Gundam X1 Ver. Ka, you get parts from that original kits, plus new ones for this Full Cloth version. The most important component out of that is the two skull insignias for me. While the more manga-style new ones are designed, the more menacing ones from Ver. Ka are included as well. So you can to choose between them to be assembled onto the model. I personally pick the later. ^^

Unlike other MG kits I have, all the runners are wrapped in plastic packaging sealed with sellotapes, which is rather strange in my opinion as human labor would be needed for such a task. Bandai Hobby Center, where all the Gunplas are produced relies on machines and robots for the production line, at least for this kind of work. ^^;

Runners which saw action in my first review on MG F91.

The new runners this Full Cloth version.

A square-shaped beam shield, and quite a lot of beam weapon accessories for this kit. ^^

Black wire for the whips.

Hints of runners to be reused spotted. Crossbone Gundam X3 is also planned I suppose. Parts for Full Cloth Ver. taken out, and X3's parts reallocated onto it or placed on a new runner. Muramasa Blaster, with the handle shown in the image above is a common weapon between Full Cloth and X3.

Crossbone Gundam X3. Image is from MAHQ.

Foil stickers, clear stickers and decals with many original designs.

Found it! Runners with two different colors. The ones on the left should belong to F91 no doubt. What's the odd of that from Bandai? ^^;

The "Skull Heart" crest on the front cover of the manual.
Doesn't look like either to me. XD

The end model looks really good. ^^

Plenty of "X" marked on the list of runners. ^^;
Some unused parts are actually essential for my F91 I believe.

Parts cut out and organized in paper boxes. All 14 boxes, plus 1 box of unused parts, depending on how you organized them. ^^

Apart from Muramasa Blaster's nozzles and the chest verniers of Crossbone, I didn't cut out the other yellow parts, which are meant for the verniers at the edge of the cloth armors. Not that they are small, but their shapes are so similar to each other, I'm afraid of confusing myself later on. I'll nip them off during the final assembly.

The so called "unused" parts. I see what is potentially, the inner frame parts of F91's leg, and Crossbone's waist there. ^^;

I hope that the color is the only thing which is messed up between the two kits. Time to sort out who belongs to who. ^^;


Anonymous said...

I don't have the F91, but I do have the Crossbone, and mine came properly bagged. By the looks of things, someone opened it and resealed it maybe? Perhaps whoever sold it to you didn't realize that this wasn't quite "new" to begin with.

Zoidiect Archaea said...

haha,case almost solved!!

Joe said...

That is a very strange thing to have happened with your gunplas! Hope evrything thing is as it should be now ^_^...