Monday, January 18, 2010

MG F91 Part 15

Black sheep wall & iseedeadpeople please?

Work continues with the body unit of F91 after last weekends.

Cleanup on the gold and silver pipes on the body's inner frame by panel-lining some of the parts again.

Painted the entire backpack portion of the body using Gundam Marker Gray to show it as a separate component of the body.

Painted the walls around the thrusters' nozzles in gray as well to give it a contrast against its original color (black).

Excess paint spilled over the edge of the nozzle is scratched away.

All 8 nozzles (yellow x4 and gray x4) are panel-lined.

The entire piece of part for the chest vernier is painted in gray with the same intention as the backpack mentioned above.

Result of the paint job - three layers of details for the front portion of the body's inner frame with different colors between them ...

... and three layers of details for the rear portion, with different colors between them as well.

The interior of the Vulcans are much easier to paint when fitted onto the chest armors. Safer too, for they are extremely tiny parts.

All the armors parts panel-lined.
Too obvious to see that the job is far less complicated than the inner frame shown above. ^^;

I was thinking about painting the different body parts with gray as shown above for quite some time already actually. In my mind, it works quite well. I was thinking about how the gray interior can be spotted faintly from certain views, and the satisfaction from it. Much like the silver pipes inside MG Destiny's wings I did once.

Then again, after I tested it out, the result was not as awesome as I hope it was going to be though. The backpack is completely out of sight when the yellow and black parts are up; and the gray vernier inside the body is not visible at all when the cage is in place. I was hoping that the color inside could be seen but that didn't happen. ^^;

The different colors painted for the body is now visible on the inner frame only, which is a common case for the MGs I did in the past. ^^;

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