Friday, June 10, 2011

EX Model Hildolfr Get

Like a boss!

Finally... ^^

I don't have any special preference or priority assigned to the many kits on my must-get list - I like all of them equally, that's why they are on the list in the first place, ^^ but I have to say that this Zeon tank is definitely No. 1 on that list, since 4 years back when it was first announced to be exact.

And now it's here, as fierce as how I remember it from "MS IgLoo" when I watched it years ago, and as detailed as how I remember it from the first few images shown when the kit was announced as well. ^^

That awesomeness is intoxicating!

On the other hand, with this model kit acquired, I'm moving a huge step closer to completing my must-get list for model kits, which I compiled years ago. Hopefully some good news will come in soon about the last two items I searched for a long time. ^^


Q said...

Yes the Hildolfr~ The big gun, tank treads, and the monoeye - the manly stuff all in one thing!

Ex Models really are not exactly the easist models to find, and the prices can be a little daunting too compared to other Bandai plamo kits. Nevertheless, Hildolfr is definitely mean looking, like a boss as you said! ^^

Chris said...

Wow, is it such a coincidence that I was flipping through old Dengeki last night and saw this model too. Somewhere around 7000+ price range. For EX models, weathering is a must!

Albert Lee said...

Congrats! Did you get this at a good deal?

Anonymous said...

Ooooooooooh! I wish I had this kit so bad. Can't wait to see you build it.