Monday, June 13, 2011

MG Force Impulse Gundam Part 4


Back to more work on the other half of MG Force Impulse Gundam's Core Splendor after the initial part shown on Saturday.

Panel lined the little tail wings before proceeding to painting them

Painted the middle portion in blue using Gundam Marker. Not easy even with Gundam Marker since the area to be painted is not just small, it sits in between parts of the wings not to be painted. ^^;
The temporary end result with excessive paint scratched away is shown on the right.

(Left) Painted the outermost stripe in yellow using Gundam Marker
(Right) Panel lined the parts again

Painted the main wing units in blue using the same marker. It's good to see that the paint matches the original color of the body part.

Panel lined all the details of the wings.

Painted the cover segment of the front landing gear in blue using Gundam Marker.

The cover of the two rear landing gear should be in white, but I wrongly painted them in blue together with the front gear. ^^;
Scratched away the blue paint as much as I could, but the white paint (from Gundam Marker) kept on mixing with the tiny bits of leftover blue paint. The cover seemed to be in light blue for a while then. ^^; The ultimate result (left picture) was achieved after many layers of paint done after an entire night. ^^;
(Right) Even the panel lines added in at the end of the task appeared to be rather fat now. ^^;

Painted the hub cap portion of the wheels in silver using normal pen, then painted the actual wheel portion in blue using normal marker, sneakily covering any spilled over silver paint in the process XD

Painted the wing area on the main body's bottom part in white using Gundam Marker.
White on blue, and no mistake this time, ^^ but a few layers of paint were still required to cover up the base color.

Completed paint work with panel lines applied.

Panel lined the main body's top part.

(Left) Painted the intake portion on both sides of the body in red first using Gundam Marker
(Right) Added the same color on a tiny exposing area on the bottom part as well

Painted a fin in the middle of the vent in gray using Gundam Marker.

Panel lined the border of the fin to cover up spilled gray paint ^^

Done, with all the parts panel lined.

Painted the connecting area between the nose and the body in gray using Gundam Marker

This is how the break off area would look like in Core Block form.

Detailing for the dashboard area with silver, metallic green and gold normal pens.
A bit of house cleaning is necessary to make the painted areas more precise. ^^;

Test fitting with the blue bottom part of the cockpit done in the previous work on this kit.
The entire cockpit area is gray now, making it seems like a completely separated component inside the nose.

A whole lot of effort on the Core Splendor alone. ^^; One done, many many more to come, ^^; and given that they all have pretty much the same level of crazy details, it's going to be quite a journey ahead. ^^;

Being a bit weary after all this work, I'm off to something else (again) now. ^^;

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