Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MG Force Impulse Gundam Part 5

Finally, some easier stuff

Decided to stick with MG Force Impulse Gundam for a while to finish off as many components as possible, since this kit seems to be the one being left behind the furthest among the four on the list. ^^;

Some simple work for the weapons this time. ^^

Panel-lining for the beam rifle parts.

Painted the area around the red part on the beam rifle's body in black accordingly using normal marker.

Small as they are, the handles of Impulse Gundam's combat knives, "Folding Razors" have a lot of details on the parts to panel line. ^^;

Looking at the colored lineart of the weapon, only the edge of the knives is supposed to be in silver while the back of the blades black.
Image on the right is from MAHQ dotnet.

For convenience, I just painted the whole thing silver using Zebra marker. ^^

Just panel lining for the shield's "landing gear" parts.

Tons of line details on these two shield parts.

Just panel lining for all the details.
Kind of a reminiscence to how simple my treatment was for my model kits way back when XD

Panel lining for the other white parts for the shield.

Looking at the image showing the inner face of the shield on the box side intro, the rear face of the parts should be painted in gray, but I didn't pursue this paint work because I am such a lazy bum wanted to show the line details done on those parts instead.

No special treatment whatsoever for these few other parts of the shield as well.

Simple panel lining for the major parts of the single "Excalibur" anti-ship sword included.

The sword handle is one part that is a little bit confusing when you want to paint it. ^^;

(Left) Painted black on the completed model shown in the manual,
(Right) Light blue (not painted) shown on the box art.

Decided to paint the handle according to the version shown in the manual (using Gundam Marker).
The handle is always in black as far as I can remember for this weapon.

Another part of the sword that calls for a bit of decision on paint-it-or-not. ^^

(Left) Manual: not painted for the bar in the middle of the part,
(Right) Box art: painted gray/black.

Decided to stick with the completed model version again - no paint applied. The colored lineart version of the weapon (on Sword Impulse Gundam) shows that the bar is not painted anyway.

Image is from MAHQ dotnet.

Not to be too obsessive about this kind of details on a model kit, just toying around with possibilities for what to do with the parts. ^^

More work on this Master Grade kit in the next posting.

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