Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MG Shin Musha Gundam Part 9

Revisiting some old friends

Going back to some Gunpla work after the review on Figma Subaru Nakajima. ^^ Resuming on MG Shin Musha Gundam after leaving it for over a week now.

It's time for more bling-bling for the very flamboyant Gundam. ^^

Added a ring of silver at the edge of the protruding stick on the naginata's body using a normal silver pen.
Got the idea from the recent work on MG Johnny Ridden's Customized High Mobility Type Zaku II Ver. 2.0's inner frame of its feet.

Testing with the blade part of the naginata fitted.

Panel lining for a few other parts of the pole weapon.

Painted the arrow pattern near the edge of another segment of the naginata's pole in gold using normal pen.

Very simple panel lining for the katana's parts.

Quite a bit of painting is required for these three parts of the musket.

Following the color scheme shown in the manual.

(Left) Painted the cable of the targeting sensor in red using Gundam Marker. Added a little golden dot on the body using normal pen as well.
(Right) Painted metallic green for the sensor's scope using normal pen.

For more dramatic appearance of the musket, painted the interior of the nozzle gold using Gundam Marker. ^^

Painted black for the chamber using panel liner.

For the musket's body, panel lined the different segments before proceeding to the actual painting.

Painted using Gundam Marker Gold.

Painted some areas on the two parts gray using Gundam Marker Gray.

Finished the entire task by reapplying panel lines to the various segments when the paint has dried.

No special mentioning for the trident's parts since they are just one very long brown pole and a short one that doesn't need any panel lining.

Moving on to (really) finish up on the work for a whole bunch of parts left untouched since mid May. ^^

Panel lines required for the many parts treated with golden spray paint.
Starting with the S (small) class parts ^^

Thick spray paint layer pretty much covers up the elevation inside the round emblem parts for the chest and knees. ^^;
Luckily, there's still reference inside the manual to follow when "drawing" out the patterns on these three parts using panel liner. ^^;

Not too bad I would say. ^^;

Other small parts that are panel lined.

Moving on to the larger parts.

Painted the little boxes on the ankle guard black according to the manual.

Other parts that are panel lined.

A bit of damage spotted at the edges of a few parts, due to corrosion from the spray paint maybe.
The uneven areas are shaved away and repainted using Gundam Marker Gold.

Panel lines behind the golden plates of the shoulder armors.
Not sure how much of them would be seen actually. ^^

Return all the parts into the container for storage until final assembly.

Done with one portion of the work for MG Shin Musha Gundam, switching to another MG project after this. ^^

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do you glue pieces together afterwards?