Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MG Shin Musha Gundam Part 10

Yet another red and gold galore

Going back to MG Shin Musha Gundam this time, which has been waiting in turn for the next update on work progress for almost three weeks now. ^^;

Sorry my Lord for such a long wait. Please spare me of your great wrath ^^;

Working on the leg parts of this kit in this posting.

To be consistent with the red interior of the 4 main thrusters, the thrusters beneath the feet are done in the same method: ^^ Hand painted using Mr. Color No. 158 Super Italian Red Gloss.

With excessive paint scratched away.

With all the details panel lined.

Not to lose out to all the shiny hydraulic pipe sets did in Part 6, the various details on the knee and thigh parts are going to receive their upgrades in terms of color too. ^^

Painted red for the interior of the knee vents (from Gundam Marker Red), gold and silver for the tiny fixed hydraulic pipe on the shin.

With excessive paint scratched away.

Painted black for the interior of the knee vents, consistent with the thruster beneath the feet.

With all the details panel lined.

Not done yet with the "regular" detailing, the little sunken squares on the shin parts are painted in gold using normal pen. ^^

OK. I'm happy now XD

"Regular" treatment for the fixed hydraulic pipes on the thigh parts - painted them gold and silver using Gundam Marker and Pilot marker respectively. ^^

With all the details panel lined.

Moving back to all the hydraulic pipe sets from Part 6: all the parts, especially the hosts are panel lined.

Consistent with the little vents near the hip joints did in Part 7, the long vents on the shin armors are painted in red for the interior and gray for the wall (both colors from Gundam Marker).

Just simple panel lining for some of the other leg parts.

Very beautiful "knot" for the knee armor. ^^

A tiny bit of split section on the front thigh part is painted in gray using Gundam Marker to kind of replicate exposure of the mecha component inside the armor.

And repeat everything for the other leg. ^^

Speaking of which, I've been using the bottom of the feet part as a paint tray all this while, "exploiting" on the fact that all that won't be shown when the model is assembled. ^^;

Please forgive me, Shin Musha Gundam-sama! ^^;

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