Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MG Force Impulse Gundam Part 6

Red, blue and yellow on my Flyer unit

After Core Splendor done in Part 4, here's another plane to catch! ^^ Working on the Force Silhouette pack this time.

Simple panel lining for the red wing and side thruster parts.

Panel lining the interior of the thrusters is not exactly the easiest to do. ^^;

Painted the two rows of vents on the binder black using normal marker.

Panel lining for the entire binders.
Kind of wish that there are more of such large and simple parts in this kit to work on. ^^;

Simple panel lining for the other parts of the backpack.

Panel lining for the main wing parts.
Black lines on black parts, my panel liner's power of darkness blackness claims the winner ^^

Sharp spikes on these two parts are supposed to be on the bottom face of both wings.
Despite to be placed beneath the wings, the details given to the parts are awesome. ^^

Rear face of the wing parts are of course panel lined as well.
A crazy rainbow part appears XD

Much like one of the feet of MG Shin Musha Gundam, I've been using the space inside one of the wing parts as plate to hold my Gundam Marker paint for the work on some of the parts shown in the past. ^^
I'm using it so liberally as all the unused paint will be covered up by another part for the final assembly of this kit. ^^

(Right) Seemingly just very simple parts, the teeth-like details at the edge of the binders' connectors are very nice to see. ^^

Simple panel lining for the main body parts of the backpack.

A ring of black paint on the edge of the main thruster using normal marker to make the border between this part and the gray cover (painted in Part 3) much more obvious.

Panel lined the really long beam sabers.

Some delicate work for the landing gears of the Flyer unit - panel lines for all the parts first, then black paint for the wheels (from normal marker) and finally silver paint for the hub cap (from normal pen).

Just simple panel lining for a few other parts of the Flyer unit.

A huge single black part for the Flyer unit itself.

Black as it is, large areas on both wings are supposed to be in white, as shown in the manual.

Panel lined the border between the areas to be painted and that to be kept in black, but the paint work itself will be left till the next posting.

Gundam Marker is not a good choice to paint over such a large area, even hand painting using bottle paint is a little bit hard for this part because of the black surface color, but don't fret. XD There's a really simple solution to this, which will be in the next posting ^^


Gundam Gunso said...

I am really impressed with the way that you did your detailing.. XD

Chris said...

Knowing your attention to details, won't it bother you that somewhere on your kit lies rainbow colours? I know I would. XD