Friday, June 17, 2011

Play Arts Kai Jeanne Part 2

Hair on guns

Switching back to Play Arts Kai Jeanne this time. ^^

A look at her four guns "All 4 One" first:

Although smaller as compared to Bayonetta's "Scarborough Fair", they are no less flamboyant with long flock of fur on the edge of the handles. ^^

Just as detailed as Bayonetta's weapons. ^^
I actually like Jeanne's guns better - black as the main color is a lot more conventional and easy to accept than the hot pink toy gun-like ones used by Bayonetta. ^^;

The double crescent moon patterns can be seen on the body of Jeanne's guns as well when they are placed together.

Because of their small size, it turns out that there's no difference between the guns for handheld and the ones meant for the heels.

The flock of fur is the design feature that differentiates between the pairs of guns for Jeanne. ^^
These smaller ones are for the heels.

The fur is made of soft material, allowing it to be bent.
Its position at the edge of the handle is fixed though.

These larger ones (and pretty heavy ones too) are on the pair meant for handheld.
Very nice gradient paint scheme for the two. ^^

Unlike the smaller tails, these two large ones are not bendable.

Different shapes for the two tails.

Unlike the smaller tail again, the larger ones are hooked to rings at the edge of the handles, allowing them to move.

As compared to "Scarborough Fair", the moon patterns on "All 4 One" are more obvious and clearer to see. ^^

Like Bayonetta, only a pair of option hand units are included.
The wrinkles on the palm area are very well designed.

Fitting the guns to Jeanne's hands.

Sliding the smaller ones onto the heels.

Feels just like doing the same for Bayonetta in the previous posting. ^^

More images of Jeanne:

The flock of fur's length is just right to touch the ground when held by Jeanne in normal poses.

Although the main color scheme of her suit is just maroon, shades of black can be seen on various parts of the body to signify shadow effect I believe, which is a very nice touch in painting by the designer. ^^

Jeanne's gray eyes can be hard to spot at times, ^^; but her silver hair and bright red lipstick do help to create a very strong image about her. ^^

While Bayonetta has a flower (?) pattern in front of her suit, Jeanne has a Gothic emblem (?) on her back.

The fur wrapping on her wrists have gradient paint work as well.

The most unique design feature of Jeanne's suit in my opinion, is the split on the front portion of the right side of her pants and on the rear portion of the left side.

Painted in bright silver, the split section is coupled with special scale-like pattern with its own wrinkle design. The tiny sewing lines and buttons next to the split are great details to see.

More interestingly, the joints are made with separate colors to compliment the splits. ^^
It's red in front and white at the back for the left leg ...

... and white in front and red at the back for the right leg.
The special suit design requires attention to all these details, which are well executed on this figure. ^^

The same Gothic pattern on her back can be seen near Jeanne's ankles as well.

Red toenails. ^^

As mentioned in the previous posting, even though Jeanne doesn't share some of the crazy details on Bayonetta like the four moon emblems on the back of her hair, the chains that runs all over her body and the red ribbons embedded in her hair, she still has her own very unique details that are equally impressive to see. Apart from her guns "All 4 One", the shades of black and silver splits on Jeanne's suit are awesome design features in my opinion. With or without any comparison made to Bayonetta, I think this is a great figure for display nonetheless. ^^

An introduction on Bayonetta's articulation design and the first batch of action poses coming up next. ^^

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