Sunday, June 19, 2011

Play Arts Kai Jeanne Part 3

Good design, poor design, in different ways

Much like Bayonetta in the previous posting, a look at the articulation design for Play Arts Kai Jeanne and some initial action poses this time.

The standard neck articulation like Bayonetta's.

While Bayonetta's hair that breaks off right behind her head bugs me, ^^; Jeanne is having some trouble tilting her head to the side thanks to her furry coat around her neck. ^^;

Pretty much the same shoulder articulation like Bayonetta's

The hinge joint for the elbow is very well hidden thanks to the maroon paint scheme. ^^

Thanks to another block of furry coat, this time on the wrist, the hand doesn't move as much as compared to Bayonetta's. ^^;

When the fur piece is removed, the wrist joint is revealed to be of the same ball-hinge type used by Bayonetta. Too bad the its flexibility cannot be utilized because of Jeanne's suit design.
It's fashion over action here XD

Separate joints inside the waist and chest allow the figure to tilt to the back and to the front easily.

Obviously, the body is capable of turning to either side like Bayonetta, and the rear view is fine for such adjustment for Jeanne. ^^

The bow ties behind the waist are made of soft material.

The same ball-type joint for the hip as well.

The same flexible articulation range for the knee.

The same issue with Bayonetta's heel-mounted guns: adjusting the ankle to the back presents the same problem of the leg hitting the gun for Jeanne. ^^;

The awesome design features of Bayonetta's joints as shown in the previous posting can be experienced with Jeanne as well, since the latter's joint design is practically identical to that of Bayonetta. However, comparing the two, I would say that Jeanne's overall articulation range is a bit less than Bayonetta's. since she's having some problems with her neck and wrist joints, as mentioned above. ^^; It's quite a pity that even though Jeanne would seem more well balanced for her action poses when she doesn't feature the two large hair pieces on her upper arms, her intrinsic joint design doesn't provide her with much compliments to take advantage on that feature (or rather lack of feature). ^^;

Then again, thankfully, that's not an issue at all, since the figure is still capable of performing all sorts of action poses. To some extent, I even think that the "trapped" wrist joint is probably a good design, since the long furry tails on the guns contribute some significant weight/burden to the wrist joints to handle, so keeping the joints fixed using the furry coat on the wrists might be helping to support the weight of the guns and thus, a more stable and better display of the weapon as well ^^

Contrary to how it may look, the furry tails on the gun are not of any bother to the poses. ^^

With the support of Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

Kneeling pose for Jeanne

Unlike the pose with Bayonetta in the previous posting, the left knee is touching the surface nicely, which is made possible by bending the ankle to the side.
A rather unnatural-looking adjustment really. ^^;

Red is a very fierce color, as shown by Jeanne through her many action poses, even though a more aggressive-looking face expression for her would be an even greater boost to that. ^^

Also, my Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type have been working very hard for the two witches these few days XD

Back to Bayonetta for another bunch of action poses next. ^^

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