Sunday, June 5, 2011

Figma Subaru Nakajima Barrier Jacket Ver Part 2

Final att... Oops~

More images of Figma Subaru Nakajima Barrier Jacket Ver. and the accessories included after the first posting yesterday.

While the collars are made of soft plastic for flexibility as mentioned yesterday, the skirt portion of Subaru's jacket is fixed.

All the accessories included.

Apart from two types of option face, there's one alternate hair part included as well.

Wing units for Subaru's Mach Caliber (her roller blades) ^^

Nice glossy paint work with gradient for the wing units. ^^

4 pairs of option hand units included.
The design is different between the left and right pair because of Subaru's right gear forearm.

Also included are an option left gear forearm and two corresponding left hand units.

All the details on the knuckles are very accurately painted.

Four whirlwind effect parts for her gear forearm called "Revolver Knuckle".

Can be configured for both Revolver Knuckles by stacking up the parts with the direction of the "spikes" on the effect parts going the opposite way with one another.

An instruction sheet is included on how to swap on the left forearm, effect parts and wing units for the roller blades.

Figma's display stand and storage bag.

Action poses of this Figma figure coming up next. ^^

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