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Play Arts Kai Bayonetta Part 2

"High Class"

Moving on to Play Arts Kai Bayonetta's accessories in this posting. ^^

Scarborough Fair, the four guns that Bayonetta wields. Two for the hands and the other two for the heels.

"High Class" ^^
She's not directly referring to the guns actually. The complete line is "Maybe I should aim for something a bit more... high class" ^^

The guns were given to Bayonetta by Rodin, the owner of a bar/arsenal named "The Gates of Hell" in the prologue section of the game (skip to 2:39 in the video clip below to see that conversation between the two characters).

Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

And there's a reason why the barrel of the guns is built to be that large really XD - skip to 5:48 in the video clip below to find out the reason. (Note: mind the language)

Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

While the ones for the figures are not as detailed as the actual ones shown in the game (duh~), their sculpture and paint work really show the craftsmanship and attention to details by the designer.

All four little ornaments at the edge of the handles are different, which follow the design of the game very closely.

The handheld pair are slightly larger than their counterpart for the heels.
The size discrepancy is for lesser hindrance to the ankle articulation I believe.

Some details are different because of the guns' unequal sizes as well.
On the left are the pair to be equipped on Bayonetta's heels.

Great colors and details from the grip, hammer to the barrel. ^^

The size differences between the four is somewhat a convenience point to identify which are for handheld and which are for the heels.
Also, not very clear in this picture, but the jewels in the middle of the gun's body are actually semi-transparent, and all the colors are different. ^^

The names of the guns are Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. Not sure which is which actually. ^^; These two are for handheld. The colors of the jewels are green and pink respectively.

These two are for the heels. The colors of the jewels are blue and clear respectively.

When placed together, you can get images of two crescent moons on the body.

Only a pair of option hand units are included.
The wrinkles on the palm area are very well designed.

Fitting the guns to Bayonetta's hands.

Sliding the smaller ones onto the heels.

Guns on heels is certainly something you don't see very often for a character, even for a game. ^^;

More images of Bayonetta:

A bit of distance when compared to the actual character in the game when it comes to the face sculpt, but it's pretty accurate for a figure in this scale.
The chest piece's details on the other hand, is magnificent. ^^

Different shades of black are used for the body.
And again, the details. ^^

The ribbons that stretch from her hair are made of soft material, with random characters molded on them. Not sure if they mean anything, but the details are there. ^^

The hair parts are made of soft material as well.
The line details that represent strands of hair on the entire part, in front and behind are just crazy O_O

All four moon emblems are different in their patterns. The chains that link them all the way from the upper arm are carefully painted.

Very nice details for all the four emblems.

The emblems on the figure's calf, which are different between the legs as you can see from the images above are done with the same level of details as well.

Awesome details are awesome indeed. O_O

While it's supposed to be an action figure, the amount of details and how well they are executed on this figure are quite a sight to look at, which is why I always wanted a larger scale version of Bayonetta (completed one of course, Volks's unpainted 1/4 scale resin kit version is totally beyond my skill level to own. ^^;), because I know the details are going to be even awesome to see when they get magnified. Then again, this Play Arts Kai version is a great display item in terms of the details nonetheless.

Back to Jeanne in the next posting. ^^

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