Monday, June 6, 2011

Figma Subaru Nakajima Barrier Jacket Ver Part 3

Broken Mag... Oops~

It's all Figma Subaru Nakajima with her Revolver Knuckle in this posting. ^^

With a different face expression.

With the "Berserker mode" face expression. ^^

With the alternate hair part.

Part swapping to get the wing units onto Subaru's Mach Caliber.

Attaching the whirlwind effect parts to Revolver Knuckle.

Very tight grip between the forearm and the effect parts allows the latter to stay in place nicely.
Very dynamic looking display with the effect parts. ^^

Very nice looking action poses from this Figma figure. ^^ Despite her rather small overall size, the details of the figure itself, the many option hand units, face parts and accessories allow a variety of dynamic poses to be shown. Very cool. ^^

Action poses with double Broken Magnum Revolver Knuckle from Figma Subaru Nakajima in the next posting, which will be the last one in this review series.

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