Sunday, October 2, 2011

MG Sinanju Ver. Ka Part 6

See you all another time

The last step of the work on MG Sinanju Ver. Ka's emblem parts is to top coat all of them to protect the paint.

Just a round of top coat using the Flat/Matt type from Mr. Hobby - the left over cans from the purchase of tools initially meant for MG Shin Musha Gundam. ^^ I was thinking of using the Gloss Type to make all the parts extra shiny, ^^ but I figured that would probably create an inconsistent overall look of the kit (with all the other red and gray components included) when it's completed, so I didn't go with that alternate plan. I want the parts to look good, but not out of place at the same time, so Flat/Matt type it is then. ^^

Just a display of all the parts after the top coat in this posting, much like Part 3 with the black paint:

All the parts are stored in paper trays to let the top coat layer completely dray before storing them back into the kit's own box.

Just like all the small parts on MG Shin Musha Gundam, all the yellow vent parts are stored in small pill boxes to give them a more secure storage space.

And so ends a huge chapter of the work on this Master Grade kit. ^^ It's not perfect, there are some flaws in the outcome of a few emblem parts, but in general, everything worked out just fine. ^^ Considering the lack of details on most of the other parts, including the inner frame, the work on them isn't going to be too difficult, I hope. ^^

Still, with the completion of this particular part of work, a great sense of laziness is upon me to move away to non-Gunpla related items, or to start building some of the kits that are pending for assembly since a long time ago. ^^; Either way, there's still going to be tons of fun up on this blog. ^^

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