Friday, March 8, 2013

Transformers Alternators Ford GT Rodimus Part 5

The most articulated Transformers figure in my collection at the moment

A look at Transformers Alternators Ford GT Rodimus's articulation design as an action figure in this posting. ^^

Ball-type neck joint plus a large space on its back is going to provide the head with a very wide articulation range. ^^

Tilting the head downward is unclear to see, but the large space behind the neck proves to be extremely useful when the head is tilted upward.

A straight 90-degree upward bend is possible for the head. ^^

Hinge-swivel combination joint for the shoulder.
The hinge joint portion allows a 90-degree upward bend for the shoulder.

The swivel joint portion allows the arms to swing forward and backward.

As part of its transformation design, the upper arm is connected to the shoulder block via a special hinge joint. In robot mode, this special hinge joint allows the arm to be extended forward without having to move the shoulder block. ^^

The upper arm can swivel around on the shoulder block.

A complete 180-degree bend for the elbow, but unfortunately, ...

... the hand unit would collide with the shoulder block before the full range of the elbow bend can be achieved. ^^;

Identical to the neck joint, the ball-type wrist joint allows the hand unit to move very freely. ^^

The large space in front of the wrist is most likely there to facilitate the hand's storage beneath the bumper in vehicle mode rather than for the robot mode's extra articulation capability. ^^

Only the thumb is fixed on the hand unit, the index finger is movable on a hinge joint, as with the other three fingers which move as a set.

The outer layer of the door can slide up to cover the door hinger.

The door hinge is an amazingly articulated joint. ^^ With or without the outer layer slide down and regardless if the door is straight behind the shoulder block or is in a downward-facing position, it can be tilted outward without any obstruction. ^^

The waist swivel came out straight from its transformation design. ^^
The front skirt armor can be folded upward easily when it collides with the hips during the waist swivel.

Hinge joint for the hips allow the legs to be expanded to their respective sides for 90 degrees. ^^

90-degree forward bend is possible for the hip, but backward bend for the joint is limited by the back panels - a very common weak spot on most action figures. ^^;

As part of its transformation design, the thigh can swivel around on the hip as well.

90-degree bend for the knee joint.

As shown in the figure's transformation design, the ball-type foot joint allows the foot to be angled very flexibly.
The joint is very tight, which is great for the stability of the feet in supporting Rodimus's poses. ^^

Swivel ankle joint allows the foot to be bent from side to side.

There's enough clearance for the foot to be bent inward and positioned right beneath the ankle armor. ^^

A look at the swivel ankle joint (again ^^)

The hip, thigh, knee, ankle and foot joints work very well together to give Rodimus a very impressive kneeling pose for a Transformers figure. ^^

I have to say, the articulation design of Alternators Rodimus is pretty much just as intricate as its transformation design. ^^ It's such an articulated action figure it's almost hard to conceived that it's a Transformers figure, based off of a very realistic-looking 1/24 scale Ford GT no less. ^^ Disregarding his Transformers identity, the extensive joints on Rodimus can be seen on other action figures and model kits, so the joints themselves are not overly special. However, adding in the fact that it's a Transformers figure just makes the articulation design even more impressive. One has to wonder how factors including great look in vehicle mode, realization of realistic gimmicks from Ford GT, transformation design and articulation design were been juggled around when the idea for Alternator Mirage - the base design for Rodimus was conceived. The equilibrium achieved with all the above factors considered is just amazing. ^^

Some action poses for Alternators Rodimus to try out its articulation design. ^^

Despite all the flexible joints, there's one flaw on the figure that becomes apparent when action poses are adjusted: the chest armor is constantly being knocked off by the slightest touch on either the chest or the skirt armor. ^^; As shown in its transformation design, the chest armor is just lightly connected to the chest panels without any mean of locking the parts in place. Even though the armor can be repositioned very easily when it's knocked off, repeating that task for each pose can be quite annoying. ^^; One way I found out to solve the problem once and for all: ^^

Instead of positioning it on top of the chest panels, the chest armor is sandwiched using the latter to lock it in place. ^^
The look is different from Rodimus's official appearance, but it's not too major, and the chest armor won't cause much annoyance anymore. ^^

More action poses of Alternators Rodimus coming up next, which will be the last posting for this review series. ^^

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Dvandom said...

Yeah, the original Mirage mold that was retooled into Rodimus has the same frustrating chest. was the solution I came up with.