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Transformers Alternators Ford GT Rodimus Part 2

California Dreamin'

More images of Transformers Alternators Ford GT Rodimus in his vehicle mode after the introduction in the previous posting. ^^

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:

Until the it's flipped over and a huge chunk of the robot mode components is revealed, Rodimus in vehicle mode is a really good-looking car model. ^^ In 1/24 scale, it's a fairly large model, so above all other features, the size is an impressive point of the car model which can be observed right away after it's taken out of the box. ^^

Regardless of the actual car model Rodimus is based off (Ford GT), the design is really beautiful. ^^ The component separation and overall detail treatment help to hide the robot mode very well, and in doing so, preserves the beauty of the entire car model. ^^ The connection between the different transformable components is very tight as well, so even some of the splits on the front bumper and spoiler don't seem too outstanding. The single most obvious part is the car plate, but even that has a pretty ingenious split treatment: the label "Too Hot" is separated right in the middle, so each 3-character word is occupying one half of the entire plate. While it doesn't conceal the separation line, at least the label isn't "Rodimus" where the character "I" or "M" might be distorted because of the split. The similarity in the words is going to be mighty useful in robot mode. While "Too Hot" sounds kind-of funny, it's pretty easy to relate to either Rodimus (Hot Rod) or the car model (Ford GT) itself. ^^

By the way, Rodimus's car plate shows that he's from California. ^^ It's definitely not a random assignment of details. California is where this Alternator figure was originally released: San Diego Comic-Con International 2007 - the limited United State release briefly mentioned in the previous posting. With that in mind, the smaller label "JUL" on the middle left corner obviously refers to its release month. ^^While the details are not too important to folks like me who got this figure many many years after its initial release, I'm sure the labels of "California" and "JUL" would mean a lot to folks who actually got him from that year's Comic-Con, as they serve as the perfect markers for that event. I think it's very cool that there're meaningful message behind these niche details. As mentioned before, the labels' contribution to the overall aesthetics may be minor, but they mean a lot to the figure's feel.

Consistent with the Alternators/Binaltech standards, the details of this car model is simply gorgeous, and realistically so too. ^^ The plated silver rim, headlights, taillights and signal lights that are all made of clear plastic parts of different colors; accurately placed Ford logo in front of the hood, nicely painted wipers, side mirrors and grille on the front and rear bumpers, engine and frame parts that are clearly visible through the rear windows, realistic molded details of the seats are all tremendous designs of the car model. ^^ Like I said before this, disregarding the robot components beneath the car, there's very little on the vehicle mode that gives away its transformation gimmick. ^^

Photo of an actual Ford GT.
Image is from Crossover Car Conversions.

The bright red color scheme fits the vehicle mode better than the robot mode I believe. As seen on the Transformers United version, dark red, orange and yellow are the main colors for Rodimus in robot mode. Like most of its transformable components, those three colors are very well hidden in vehicle mode. ^^ They can be seen more clearly beneath the car, as most of the parts there would end up transforming into various parts of the robot mode. In vehicle mode however, bright red is a "realistic" choice of color to link the model with the actual Ford GT. ^^

The only thing that doesn't seem to fit the picture is the flame pattern on the hood. ^^ The Japanese Kiss Player version does a better job at that by "inheriting" Alternator Mirage's double white stripes on top the entire car model. I really like that high color contrast between red and white, and the much closer image representation of the actual Ford GT, but there's no doubt that the flame pattern is a lot more characteristic of Rodimus. ^^

As mentioned in the previous posting, the hard paper box and bottom plastic tray provide great support for the car model's display. ^^

More gimmicks of the vehicle mode:

Thanks to a pair of hinges that connect them (to be shown more in the transformation sequence), the front wheels has linked movement.

The hood can be opened.

Even though the part is molded entirely in red, the details are very impressive. ^^

(Left) The rear hatch can be opened.
(Right) The hatch can be flipped out entirely, which is actually part of the transformation sequence.

In vehicle mode, the hatch is bent upward and rests on top the roof.
There's no tab or peg to secure the hatch's position, so it would occasionally slide back down. ^^

Engine component formed with tons of molded details in a combination of various colors. ^^

Molded details filled up most of the rear face of the hatch as well, which is very impressive. ^^

The door can be opened.

Like Binaltech BT-22 Convoy featuring Dodge Ram SRT-10, the door's outer plate has its own joint that allows it to slide outward when the door is opened. This feature prevents the door from being jammed by the joint when it's opened, and preserves the car body's seamless look when the door is closed. ^^

With both doors opened.

Very realistic seat, steering wheel and control panel details inside the car. ^^

Interior details of an actual Ford GT (right hand drive model).
Images are from Crossover Car Conversions.

The gear stick is made of soft plastic.

With all panels opened:

Very beautiful design indeed. ^^

Even more impressively, even with all four panels opened up, most of the robot model components still remain hidden. ^^ All the vehicle mode's gimmicks don't affect its overall realistic look as scaled model of Ford GT at all.

Comparison with a few other red Transformers figures in vehicle mode: ^^

With Transformers United Rodimus Prime

With Transformers United Rodimus Prime and Transformers: Prime's Deluxe Class Cliffjumper

With Binaltech BT-22 Convoy featuring Dodge Ram SRT-10.

In before introducing the transformation gimmick and the robot mode look, I think it's fair to say that Alternators Rodimus features a really well-designed vehicle mode (technically just a remold of Alternator Mirage and the Kiss Player version as mentioned in the previous posting ^^;) that realistically represents its actual car model, Ford GT. I certainly feel that the figure can be shown just in vehicle mode for its beauty in overall design to be appreciated. ^^

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