Thursday, March 7, 2013

Transformers Alternators Ford GT Rodimus Part 4

A Spoiler-less Rodimus

More images of Transformers Alternators Ford GT Rodimus in robot mode after showing off its transformation design in the previous posting.

Closeups on the details:


[Head with visor lowered]



[Arms and pistols]


The first point many people would notice about Alternator Rodimus in robot mode would have to be, "Where's the giant V spoiler on his back?" XD

The spoiler is indeed unavailable, uncharacteristically so on this version of Rodimus. ^^ As a matter of fact, with the two doors hanging right behind its shoulders, Rodimus seems to be bearing the silhouette of a beefed-up Bumblebee to certain degree. ^^ The doors/wings can be lifted and expanded to the either sides, making the closeness in appearance even more uncanny I suppose. XD

Then again, looking at its vehicle mode, asking for a giant spoiler on the back of Rodimus would be too much I suppose, ^^; since it's a feature not available on Ford GT. Also, since the back is basically made up of just two thin layers of collapsed parts (the roof and engine cover), I'm not sure if extra parts can be fitted into them to be transformed into Rodimus's back spoiler without hampering the vehicle mode's cohesive look. ^^; In the end, the spoiler seems like a feature that could possibly damage the realistic look of Ford GT if it's incorporated. Given how well the vehicle mode looks, I don't think I would want the spoiler if the vehicle mode's look has to be compromised in any way for that part, even though it's an important "trademark" for Rodimus. ^^

Talking about retaining a Transformers character's well established look on realistic car model makes me think of Transformers Alternity A-04 Mitsuoka Orochi featuring Starscream and Skywarp. Since the two characters' prominent look features fighter jet wings on their back, the transformation design of the two cars gave them that via placement of a huge platform that includes the hood, windscreen, roof and trunk right across the back. ^^; While it looks somewhat like Starscream's and Skywarp's wings from the front, the totally naked look of the top car cover can be quite off-putting on the rear view. ^^; Cars have no wings, but to have that on the robot mode, some weird and contrived design features must be put in. Yet, whether the outcome is acceptable or not is debatable. ^^; With that in mind, insisting to have a giant spoiler on the back of Alternators Rodimus just for the sake of his classic look is definitely not a good idea at all. ^^;

Anyway, despite the lack of the giant spoiler, all the flame patterns on the shoulders and chest inherited from the vehicle mode, plus new ones on the forearms are revealed in total glory in robot mode. Concentrated on the upper body, they are certainly characteristic details that represent Rodimus.

Overall, I think the robot mode design is very well engineered to give Rodimus the most balanced and proportionate look possible. ^^ While the legs are very solid, it's not hard to see that the upper body is tremendously thin; the arms are very thin and short; from the transformation design shown in the previous posting, the entire body module is actually just the made up of the car's floor and folded seats; ^^; while the protruding chest armor is just panels folded up in origami style to resemble that particular body component, a design I find to be pretty amusing. Then again, very cleverly, all the largest single-part components in vehicle mode are also concentrated on the upper body to bulk up its look. The fender and front wheels are there to give the impression that the arms are big; the doors behind the shoulders can be expanded to give the upper body a broader look; the large roof and engine cover folded up and tucked behind the body give the "illusion" that the body is bulky - not even its rear view reveals the body's true proportion. So, despite the somewhat deceptive look, the ingenuity in making full use of the various vehicle mode components to compensate for the lack in the robot mode's look is commendable. ^^

Another point which I really like about the robot mode design is the color composition. ^^ If simplicity is the single work to describe the vehicle mode's color scheme, it's colorful for the this robot mode. ^^ Apart from dark red, other colors including yellow and orange can be found here and there on the robot mode as well. The torso is the main component that features pretty much all the colors mentioned. ^^ It's almost surprising to see all the different colors that emerge through after the transformation. On top of that, the color combination is an indicator showing how much effort that was been put into Rodimus's design in the first place. ^^ Much like how all the realistic details and gimmicks are incorporated for the various vehicle mode to create the best representation of the actual car in 1/24 scale, the clever color combination used for the different parts designed to come together shows the designer's determination to create the most detailed representation of Rodimus in this Alternator version. Personally, I think it's very well done. ^^ This is a very good-looking robot mode of Rodimus. ^^

Introduction of Alternator Rodimus's articulation design coming up next. ^^

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