Saturday, March 9, 2013

Transformers Alternators Ford GT Rodimus Part 6 [Final]

Tonfas? You call those tonfas?

More action poses of Transformers Alternators Ford GT Rodimus after the previous posting.

As shown in the the previous posting, the chest panels are reconfigured to hold down on the chest armor to prevent it from been knocked off easily when this pose was adjusted. ^^;

Snapping the engine block parts together to form a slightly larger single pistol for Rodimus. ^^;

By adjusting it in an upside-down position, the pistol can be switched over to its supposed tonfa mode mentioned in the Japanese Kiss Player version.

This weapon mode wasn't mentioned in the instruction sheet. Oddly enough, I can't find a single image showing Alternators/Kiss Player Rodimus or even Mirage using this weapon, most probably because the puny size of the engine parts makes them look ridiculously useless as melee weapons, and nobody wants to show that. XD

As well as Alternators Rodimus is in showing off its versatile action poses, it's limited to just ground poses as no display stand is suitable to support it off the ground. ^^; There no proper connection point on the back to the stand, the folded roof and engine cover prevents the display stand's clip from connecting to the waist, and the hip is too wide for any of the hip connectors in Action Base 1. ^^; Being a fairly large figure, size and balancing are important issues to consider before sending Rodimus up onto a display stand as well.

Comparison with the Transformers United version:

The giant spoiler on the back of the Transformers United version is out to remind everyone how that significant component which identifies Rodimus is missing on the Alternators figure. ^^; But apart from that, you can see the similarity in terms of the flame pattern on the two figures' chest. ^^

Comparison with Binaltech BT-22 Convoy featuring Dodge Ram SRT-10:

Even though their vehicle modes display significant size difference, which is obviously just due to their designated car models - Ford GT versus Dodge Ram SRT-10, I'm glad that Convoy's and Rodimus's robot modes are to scale with each other. ^^ Displaying the two of them side by side is not only possible in either mode, the image is just awesome. ^^

A tremendous Transformers figure this is. ^^ Great-looking vehicle mode with realistic car features, enjoyable transformation design, good-looking robot mode and fantastic articulation capabilities. I don't think I can praise it enough to do justice to its overall design. ^^; It's a really awesome Transformers figure, and I'm really glad to be able to acquire it in my collection. ^^

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