Monday, October 11, 2010

MG Crossbone Full Cloth Part 24 [Final]

Triple trouble

Finally, the last part of my review on MG Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth ^^

Heavy armors + heavy weapon = a lot of troubles putting the model together, already mentioned in the previous posting, and it becomes much harder when the whole model needs to be on a display base. ^^; The work to secure the weapons and to adjust the poses is one thing, worrying that it might suddenly crash and damage something given its small size is another. ^^; There's a lot of worries behind admiring the awesomeness of the model's look unfortunately.

Most of the poses shown here are from the box art and manual.

Surprisingly, there's no tab on the Peacock Smasher's handle to pin it onto the left hand.

Barely hanging on by using the cloth armor to support the weapon. ^^;

The shoulder armor needs to be separated in order for the skull knuckle to be used.

There's a handle in the middle of the armor, which is mighty hard to get the hand to grasp onto it. ^^;

Very odd looking boxing gloves XD

Comparison with MG F91.

Opening the cockpit of the model when the cloth armors are on proves to be somewhat troublesome, as the two plates on the chest will be lifted as well.

I like this kit very much. It's small in size, but is packed with tons of weapons and gimmicks. On top of that, the look is very awesome, with or without the armor on.

Most probably because of the size, quite a bit of painting is required for some of the parts, especially the weapons. Then again, the real issue is to have the model holding the weapons - heavy weapons, same hand units all the time. I wish that a pair of fixed hand units for grasping the Peacock Smasher and Murasame Blaster would be included, like those for MG Destiny Gundam and Impulse Gundam for their respective anti-ship swords. Then the current hands won't be too stressful in handling all the weapons, big or small. ^^

Done with this MG, moving on to a smaller kit next. ^^

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Sam Lysne said...

Fantastic job, mate. Personally I'm a big fan of the look of the Crossbone, and you've definitely got it looking fierce.

Anonymous said...

eh.. Ngee Khiong... mind posting some updates here..? [EX] i do not have much free time to check others and those people that collect updates to post lyk u.. i dunnoe their blog link either.. ==.. besides.. urs was a great blog anyways since its quite fast to be updated.. pls...? thnks in advance

Mafty said...

Watching your crossbone in colors really want me to finish mine..
You really have a good skill at that stuff ngee, really.. I'm very curious with it hehehe...

I still have a problems with painting the peacock smasher though, I didn't have any experience with painting, but since you bring the same subject, can I ask you ngee?
I really want to know how you put the yellow colors of the peacock smasher (I know you probably already mentioned it at the later post, but do you mind if telling me again? Tehehe..)

Crossbone are my fave MS, also with F91, both piloted by a cool pilot, which probably it's a stranger to some people..

Chris said...

Crossbone Full Cloth is quite a handful. The ver.Ka would bring less trouble but then again, nothing can subsitute the coolness of the large weapons.
While not the topic subject but F91 looks great there too. Glad I got both.

Anon said...

Nice job. Very clean and neat work.

Anonymous said...

Nice job on Xbone! Don't you have problems with the peacock smasher being loose and constantly dropping off from his hand?