Wednesday, March 30, 2011

HG 1/144 GN-X Part 2

Faking the fake GN Drive

Started working on several parts of HG 1/144 GN-X after the introduction yesterday.

Some black and gray are needed for parts of the shield based on how it's shown in the manual.

Painted the area around where the white bar will come in black using normal black marker.
The back of the shield has quite extensive details for a small part. ^^

Painted the "hill" in the middle of the white part gray using Gundam Marker, followed by black around it using just panel liner.

Result of the painting done on the two parts.

Just panel lining for all the beam rifle's parts.
The barrel on the extension part and a small section on the rifle's body should be of lighter tone, but I didn't bother painting it for this kit. ^^;

Several very small areas around the GN Tau Drive cone and base that are painted in gray using Gundam Marker.
These parts actually have foil stickers designed for them, so you can imagine how small those stickers can be. ^^

Instead of the usual black lines, I used a normal red pen to draw the lines on the edges of GN Tau Drive to show it to be in "active" mode.

Result of the painting on these two parts.

Some more parts, this time on the arms, need some gray touch up. ^^

Painted all using Gundam Marker.
The two tabs near the elbow and the larger ones on the back of the hands have foil stickers included for them.

For the beam rifle's mounting spot on the forearm, apart from gray, the interior portion of it is painted black using normal marker to show more depth of this part.

Will be working on parts from the body and legs next. ^^

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