Saturday, March 5, 2011

Revoltech Date Masamune Part 5 [Final]

Final showdown

Just like the final posting for Sanada Yukimura, more images of Date Masamune in action:

Comparison with another katana wielding action figure in my collection: Figma Meiya Mitsurugi.
Coincidentally, both wears blue. ^^

And the fight continues from yesterday! ^^

As you can see, Date is always on the left while Sanada on the right. That's because of their option face parts' design actually, as mentioned in previous postings when introducing the accessories for each figure. It's kind of a limitation for both characters, not only for the versus poses, but when they are shown individually as well. For example you can't fix a pose for Date looking to his right with his option face part, because his eye isn't looking in that direction, vice versa for Sanada Yukimura. ^^;

The more generic type is useful for all poses of course, but it lacks the aggressive expression that could bring so much more life to the poses.

I don't know if it's supposed to follow the story of who's fighting against who in the game (since I never played it), but there seems to be a clear cut between character releases for the "look to the left only" and "look to the right only" camps XD. No. 087 Chosokabe Motochika (長曾我部元親) and No. 094 Tokugawa Ieyasu (徳川家康) belong to the latter, while No. 088 Mori Motonari (毛利元就) and No. 095 Ishida Mitsunari (石田三成) would belong to Date's "look to the left only" club. XD

Nonetheless, great releases from Kaiyodo's Revoltech series. All the characters have very distinctive color schemes, details and style design. All their individual fighting style can be realized easily with all the Revoltech joints incorporated on each figure. Hopefully there will be more releases from this series in the future.

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