Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Revoltech Date Masamune Part 3

Even crazier details

Granted that Date Masamune is from the same series as Sanada Yukimura, the joint design is quite similar as the latter mentioned yesterday, but there are several extra goodies implemented that differentiate him from Sanada. Closer look on the various components of the figure allows us to see more details designed onto it as well.

Identical two-point Revoltech joint as that on Sanada Yukimura for the neck.

The last layer of his helmet's armor is movable, helping that particular piece to get out of the way when the head is tilted backward.
The helmet also helps to shield the neck joint from plain sight. ^^

Standard shoulder articulation.
I like the design of having the shoulder sleeves to move together with the joint. The shoulder movement is much more solid this way. If it's combined with the jacket, it would be obstructing the articulation range of the shoulder; if it's a separate piece, it would be flimsy when the part move.

Pretty standard elbow articulation as well.

Designed with the same Revoltech joint, articulation range for the waist is identical as Sanada Yukimura's.

Waist joint is blue, same color as the jacket, which makes it much better-looking than the same joint on Sanada Yukimura.

Very flexible movement range for the sword racks thanks to the double-point Revoltech joints on each set.

Same hinge joint for the thigh, same articulation design for the leg as Sanada Yukimura that moves forward not backward.

Same knee and ankle joints as well, in colors corresponding to the components they are with.

Shirt's collars are made of soft rubber.

The pointy edges behind his jacket are fixed, which might seems like a surprise at first when compared to the collars. I'm sure they are designed to be so to preserve the overall look.

A slot behind the jacket to connect to the display base's joint.

A slot inside the helmet to swap between the two option face parts.

Date Masamune has a few more joints as compared to Sanada Yukimura thanks to parts like his helmet and the extremely flexible joints of the sword racks, but the overall design is pretty much the same. The overall look is better as well, in my opinion, because the exposed neck and waist joints as seen on Sanada are being concealed by Date's helmet and jacket color respectively. No changes to the joint design, just elements around them that make them less visible.

A lot of great stuff can be said about the details done on the figure. ^^ The limited plated treatment for the crescent moon on his helmet is a marvelous sight, ^^ but the chain armor he is wearing deserves the highest level of appreciation. ^^ Almost all the tiny rings on the armors all the way down to the small section between his breast plate and white scarf over his neck are molded and painted carefully, which is fantastic. The dedication put into the craftsmanship is very clear to see. Other details like the tiny silver strings painted on the helmet (supposedly for binding the layers of armors), white stripes and pattern on the jacket, his personal crest on the back, the sword handles (also mentioned in Part 2) are all done nicely as well.

Different colors are used for the different armors. Plate armors like his helmet, breast plate, vambrace, spaulder, thigh armors and greaves have glossy finishing to their paint job that emphasizes their metallic quality. The contrast between these components and the fabric quality of the jacket and trousers do make them seem believable as armor pieces. For a regular 2,400-Yen Revoltech figure, or action figure in general, all these details and posability do make this seems like an unbelievable bargain. ^^

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beast of a revoltech
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