Sunday, March 27, 2011

Revoltech Arbalest Part 4 [Final]

And the craziness continues ...

Last part of my review on Revoltech Arbalest, with even more action poses after the posting yesterday. ^^

 Rider  Arbalest Kick!! ^^

Comparison with another 'mecha' action figure with similar color scheme in my collection - Figma Drossel. ^^

And this is what I meant with the foot being able to touch the surface better as compared to other figures like Figma Drossel, thanks to its unique articulation design mentioned in Part 2.

The conclusion of the joint design and posability?
I most certainly think so. ^^

Arbalest is a good example of how Revoltech action figures can be really fun to have. ^^ Their joints are not only extremely flexible, but very durable as well. Twist and turn, twist and turn some more but they remain sturdy for more action. ^^ Most of my comments the joint design and accessories of the figure were already said in Part 2, with Part 3 and this posting to show how those good features support the posability of the figure. All in all, this is really a crazily fun Revoltech figure to have. ^^

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