Monday, March 7, 2011

1/100 Duel Assault Shroud Part 3

Back to smaller details

Continue with the work on 1/100 Duel Gundam Assault Shroud. This time focusing on cleaning up some of the parts painted in the previous posting, and a few new ones with more delicate details.

Painted the walls around all the missiles in black carefully using toothpick and black whiteboard marker ink before covering the entire surface in gray using Gundam Marker Gray. The rear face of the missile pod cover is painted in the same color as well.

The tiny slits on the pod cover's arms are painted using toothpick and whiteboard marker ink as well.

Some details can be seen near behind the edges of the armors.

Painted the area in black using black whiteboard marker ink again.
A tiny bit of gold and silver for the dots and lines inside the spaces. ^^

The edges of the yellow vernier parts are painted in black - normal marker this time to outline the slice pieces of that part.

Gold and silver for the hydraulic pipes on the ankle joints.

Some work on the thrusters beneath the feet. Painted the inner wall using Mr. Color Character Yellow (to be consistent with all the other thrusters) first, followed by the exterior using Gundam Marker Gray.

Painted the flat surface inside the valleys, as well as the interior of the thrusters in black using panel liner. Whiteboard marker ink is somewhat too risky for the task, and the space is too narrow for Gundam Marker.

Refine all the painted thrusters did yesterday by scratching off excess paint on the edges of the parts and inside the thrusters.

Quite a nice view when all the thrusters are combined. ^^

Neck joint is painted in gray using Gundam Marker.

A tiny vent on the edge of the foot's white part is painted in black using normal marker.

The exposing studs that connect to the shoulder parts are painted in gray so that they would "blend in" when the parts are assembled.

A tiny bit of gray for the head Vulcans.

Just panel-lining for all the other parts, so no special mentioning for them, and because of that, the entire work on this kit before its assembly is now done. ^^ Very fast, faster than HG 1/144 00 Gundam with O Raiser. ^^ That's one of the benefits of the older 1/100 kits I suppose, minimal details that ease the work of panel-lining or painting greatly. ^^


Anonymous said...

Looking impressive so far.

Anonymous said...

Your work always impress me !!! Keep Up good work.