Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nendoroid Haruhi Part 1


The invinsible leader of SOS Brigade is here. ^^

Just thought that a little bit of cute stuff right now would be appropriate, before going back into Gunpla-ing and other action figures. ^^

"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" is one of my favorite non-mecha anime series. As a matter of fact, it's perhaps the earliest one that started my interest in anime that focus on moe. ^^ I like the lighthearted stories, distinctive but individually interesting characters, but above all that, all the funny things that happen when Haruhi's around in the story. ^^ She is the heart of the world in the story, as the title would suggest, but it's also a literal truth if you follow the setting of the story. I won't go into that though since I'm not into remembering every fact mentioned about the story.

This Nendoroid version of Haruhi is quite an old release (by anime standard ^^;). It was out in 2007, and typical story for me with old releases, it was totally gone when I started looking for it. ^^; After asking and waiting for it from various stores in Malaysia for a quite some time - about 2 to 3 years in total I think, I eventually found it in Singapore during my trip there last year. So, you could certainly say that I went through great length to get her. ^^

A peek at the content through the box's window.

Images on all sides of the box.
The signature red "H" is everywhere. ^^

Introduction of the figure on the back of the box.

Kadokawa Production's seal.

Box open


A yellow backdrop this time, contrasting the orange and purple ones for Miyuki and Saber Lily respectively, another two Nendoroid figures in my collection.

A look at the figure and all her accessories on the tray.

With the cover of the tray removed.

The display stand is absolutely needed to show the figure.

Haruhi and her bag of tricks in the next posting. ^^

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