Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Revoltech Sanada Yukimura Part 3

Naked joints

A review on Revoltech Yamaguchi Sengoku Basara Sanada Yukimura's articulation design in this posting.

Two-point Revoltech joint for the neck, which is all too obvious to see when view from behind. ^^;

Adjusting the head to various angles is too simple with the double joint. ^^

Very much like the neck joint, the Revoltech joint for the waist isn't very visible from the front...

... but on the back, it might not be very comfortable to see some times. ^^;

Just like the neck, articulation range for the waist is extremely wide, especially when bending it backward and forward.

Shoulder articulation is pretty standard.

Standard fair for the elbow articulation as well.

Wrist can bend inward and outward.

Skirt armors and collar are made of soft rubber, so they do not obstruct the articulation of the legs and arms.

Pretty stiff hinge joint for the hip. The initial standing pose without any adjustment to the hip is pretty much fixed to this angle.

The hip can move forward for quite a wide angle, but it doesn't go backward at all, which might seem like a surprise limitation at first. ^^

Extremely wide articulation for the knee, which is also a two-point Revoltech joint.

Revoltech joint for the ankle, which is pretty standard as compared to other Revoltech figures.
The color used for the joint that matches the color of the socks is another plus point to the overall display of the figure.

Flexible and firm action pose without any weapon attached.

The standard Revoltech display base.

Wording on the bottom of the base.

For this figure, and generalizing all the releases from the "Sengoku Basara" series that utilize similar articulation design, it's a real showoff of how flexible Revoltech joints are on action figures. The neck, waist, elbow, knee and ankle articulation is just unbelievable. Since Revoltech joints are pretty tough, they are able to sustain all the action poses adjusted on them with ease, so all the poses are just rock solid. ^^

The downside to that benefit is the look. The collar and belt do help to shield the naked appearance of Revoltech joints used for the neck and waist respectively, but they are still pretty obvious. They do look pretty ugly in certain poses, but I don't think I want to compromise posability for better view of these two components anyway. It's all action with Sanada Yukimura that is more important, so having the joints so nakedly exposed isn't a big issue for me. ^^ Date Masamune is somewhat better in this sense because his helmet and fully armored body doesn't make those joints that obvious, but that's for the next posting really.

Also, closeups on the figure reveals plenty more details, like the black "dots" on his shoulder and skirt armors, the coins on his chain and behind his shirt, the golden lines around his greaves. All which are very accurately painted. ^^ The flame pattern on his trousers is extremely eye-catching as well.

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