Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type Part 1

Figure support goodies

Jumping out of the regular to talk about a support/tool set this time: Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

Released back in 2009 by Tamashii Nation, which didn't seem keen about including a display base for most of its releases back then, ^^; this support set came out as an essential tool for more action and playability on various action figures, not only the ones from Tamashii Nation, but other companies and product series as well. Of course, up to your creativity, it can be used for a wide range of purposes, as you will find out soon. ^^

For Act 3, I think it's out of production now, but there is another Soul Stage display stand set that is pretty similar to this one being released last year - Act 4 Human Support Type, which was reissued in January this year. I'm sure Tamashii Nation will keep on releasing more display stand sets in the future, most probably with newer designs and greater functions given the increased number of action figure releases in the market today.

More images introducing this Act 3 set that I have:

Although it's shown supporting a human-type action figure on the box art, it's also meant for mecha-type series such as Robot Damashii and VF100's.

All the items are neatly arranged on the plastic tray, and can be partially seen through the box window.

Very simplistic design for all sides of the box.

Introduction of the display stand set on the back of the box.

Set content: Stand base x3, stand (long) x3, stand (medium) x3, stand (short) x3, joint (small) x6, joint (large) x3, clip (clamp type) x3 sets, clip (gripper type) x3 sets, clip base (slider type) x3, clip base (joint type) x3

The 3 sets of base are stacked together, as with the clips and stands, so the actual content is a lot more than what you're seeing here. ^^

Manual on the back of the backdrop.

Some basic instruction on how to assemble and configure the base is shown in the manual.

All parts from the box.

Stand base x3

Stand (long) x3, connected with joint (large) x3 and joint (small) x3, stand (medium) x3, stand (short) x3, and another set of joint (small) x3.

Clip (clamp type) x3 sets, clip (gripper type) x3 sets - still on trees, clip base (slide type) x3, clip base (joint type) x3 - bottom right.

Configuration for the clips.

The slider type clip base "slides" upward/downward on the body of the support stand, while the joint type connects to the end of a support stand.

All the joints: 6 to connect between the stands, 3 to connect to the stands to the base (bottom row).

Some configurations you can get from the various parts:

Single stand, gripper type clip, slider type clip base.

Single stand, clamp type clip, joint type clip base.

Double stand (long + medium), clamp type clip, joint type clip base.

Two buttons that seal another two slots for the display stand on the base can be removed ...

... which will allow up to three stands to be mounted on the base.

Testing out the display base with a few action figures from my collection:

Figma Miyuki Winter Fuku Ver.

Revoltech Fraulein Pocco

Revoltech Fraulein Soryu Asuka Langley

Just a clamp to the leg is enough to support Asuka. ^^

No idea what I wanted to do with Asuka and her doll there. ^^;

Nendoroid Miyuki
Absolutely no way to grip the large flock of hair. XD Just using the gripper to hold her from tilting to the back. ^^;

All moe-type action figures in this particular posting, a look at how the display stand can be used for Gunplas next. ^^


Anonymous said...

Gaaah~! You're tempting me more on getting this. >.<

juno-uno said...

Could the pegs from the joints be inserted inside a HG gunpla kit such as the ones on the Double-O kits?(the hole where you would normally attach a stand to)

sl619 said...

soul stage 3 is good for figures. but for gundams and mechas, soul stage 5 has much better balance for them due to its large base.

Rowan Chang said...

Have you try the Soul Stage Act 3 with Kamen Rider?