Monday, March 21, 2011

BB Senshi Force Impulse Gundam Part 7

Blends in and disappear

I have forgotten about this guy actually. ^^;

Was looking at the list of previous postings on my dashboard when I saw that I had already completed the work on BB Senshi Force Impulse Gundam in early January, and it had been waiting for the final assembly since then. ^^;

Well, time to roll out another Gundam, after 00 Gundam and O Raiser. ^^

Parts for the Force Silhouette pack.

As mentioned in Part 5, instead of applying the "complete" piece of foil sticker onto each wing, the little protruding edge at the folding corner of the sticker is cut off, so that it won't peel off in the future and becomes annoying. The larger main portion of the sticker is not affected.

The foil stickers and the painted edges of the wing blend with each other, so the omitted corners aren't so detectable.

The Force Silhouette pack done.

Rear binders are movable via polycap joints.

Various parts for the weapons and display stand.
Only the shield and display stand require assembly - 2 and 3 parts respectively. The beam saber and rifle are single piece components.

Foil stickers for the shield.

Same case as the Force Silhouette pack's wings - white and red from the foil stickers blend with the painted areas on the shield itself. The foil stickers have "panel-lines" for the separated segments as well. ^^

The multi-purpose display stand.

Force Silhouette pack mounted on the display stand.

Very colorful parts for the Core Splendor and Core Block.
Had an entire posting dedicated to the paint job done on these 4 parts. ^^

Core Splendor completed.

Mounted on the display stand.

Part swapping for the bottom portion of the body to get the Core Block.

More "normal" parts for the shoulder armors and arms.
The joint design is pretty standard for a BB Senshi kit from "Gundam SEED" or "SEED Destiny".

Done for the shoulder armors and arms.

Pretty standard articulation range for the arms.
Bendable elbow joint is something you don't get from BB Senshi kits nowadays.

Parts for the legs.
The feet has more parts than the legs actually XD

Done for the legs.
As expected, the silver hydraulic pipes painted for the ankle are not visible after the assembly.

Parts for the waist.

A very simple component this is.
Has a very long joint to connect to the upper body.

Combine with the legs to form the lower body.

Will be completing the entire model in the next posting. ^^

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